Kids Free Printable Valentines Cards with Gift Ideas


FREE Kids Valentine’s Cards to Print


Well, It’s the Start of February – and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s time to put on our Mommy’s aprons and get creative for the Kids.

If you are thinking of trying to be unique and do something from Home – Here’s a list of over 20 cards you can print and add a gift to them – from rulers to gum. You will find something for your budget.  You will just need a printer and Card Stock Paper!


Here’s 20 Free Kids Printable Valentine’s Cards & Gift Ideas for the Whole Class


  1. Skip to My Lou : Butterfly  Shaped with Lollipop attached

  2. The Refurbished Life:  – Bright Colorful Sayings for Ring Pops, Crayons or Bracelets

  3. It’s always Autumn:  : ExSTRAW Special – Find Shaped Straws at Dollar Store

  4. Backless Shirt :  School of Fish- Add GoldFish Crackers for Treat

  5. Our Thrifty Ideas:  Be Kool with Kool- Aid

  6. The Gunny Sack:  Gooed Valentine’s Day – Create Glitter Goo for Fun Surprise

  7. Making of Mom:  Be the Star of Valentine’s Day – Add Starburst Candy for Treat

  8. She Wears Many Hats:  Your’ All Write : Add a pencil for Fun Surprise

  9. Kinzie Kreations  : Sip Sip hooray  + Add a fun shaped Straw to add fun

  10. Mommy Gaga:   ” You make me Glow ” + With Glow Stick

  11. Pinching Your Pennies: : Your ” Amazing” + Add cheap plastic mazes from Dollar store

  12. Makely Home:  “Your Friendship is a Lifesaver” + add Lifesaver candies

  13. 24-7-365 :  Personalized Child Idea – Add lollipop – check it out!

  14. Relocated Living:  ” YOU Rule” + add a wooden or plastic ruler for fun

  15. The Nerds Wife:  “You Blow me Away” add dollar store bubbles for fun

  16. The Crafting Chicks: ” Don’t Burst My Bubble”  + add bubble containers for fun

  17. Creative Capital B ” Be Nerds Together ” + add Nerd Candies

  18. Love and Lion:  ” You make my Heart Go POP” + add a Balloon

  19. Funky Polka Dot Giraffe:  ” Your My Main Squeeze” + Go Go Squeeze Apple sauces

  20. Passion for Savings:  ” Have an “Extra” Special Valentine’s Day” + Add “Extra Brand” Gum






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