Valentine’s Day 2022

2022 may be a weird day for this Valentine’s day, but if you opt for an average Valentine’s day as much as possible when it comes to tradition, this list may be great for your family.

It’s a fun afternoon for a family fun-filled afternoon and can be an excellent way for kids to express their appreciation they may not see as often due to social distancing.

Homemade cards are a great and appreciated gift, even with children.

We have rounded up and have linked several online websites that host FREE printed Valentine’s day cards where you attach a small gift or goodies to each one. We will also show you a few online websites where you can print kids Valentine’s day cards so you can make them a little extra special using your printer.

DIY Valentine Cards for School

Well, It’s the start of February – and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s time to put on our Mommy’s aprons and get creative for the Kids.

If you are thinking of trying to be unique and do something from Home – Here’s a list of over 20 cards you can print and add a gift to them – from rulers to gum. You will find something for your budget. You will need a printer and a Card, Stock Paper!


 30 Free Kids DIY Valentine’s Cards & Gift Ideas for School


It’s Always Autumn – STRAWS With FREE DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Print Valentines day Straw

Photo Credit: Always Autumn

Create this exSTRaw Special Card from Always Autumn. According to this website, you can purchase fun-filled shaped straws at your local dollar store, and there is a free valentine’s card/ gift tag to attach, which you can print without signing up or anything special.

Be Kool With Kool-Aid DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Kool-Aid DIY valentine's day card

Photo Credit Our Thrifty Ideas.

A Tutorial on how to create a valentine card to make for Elementary school kids using KoolAid.

It may be sugary and not good for you with all the additives, but I’m sure kids will get the thought of being cool or Kool. It’s a terrific thrifty idea if you feel pressured to do something more than the cutout cards. Our Thrifty Ideas has a free printable for you as well.

Glitter GOO DIY Valentine’s Day Gift ( Recipe & Valentine’s Day Sticker)

Valenetine's Glitter Goo diy valentine's day gift

Photo Credit: The Gunny Sack!

Another tremendous easy DIY Valentine’s day gift for the class! There is no card to go with this free DIY recipe, but it does include the adorable free DIY sticker you can print off to use as a label at The Gunny Sack.

If you don’t have sticker sheets, you could cut them out using regular or construction paper and use scotch tape to hold them.

This is an excellent idea for those not wanting to give out the standard chocolates that every parent put together.

Your All Write Free DIY card

printable your all write pencil gift idea diy

Photo Credit: She Wears Many Hats

This project is an excellent DIY card idea for your family to make; I think you will need some construction paper to make this gift idea for the form to hold the pencil. She Wears Many hats has included the printable digital format of a heart card for FREE.


Sip Sip Hooray DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Classes


diy straw valenetines card gift idea

Photo Credit: Kinzie Kreations 

Another great free printable label for a Straw to gift on Valentine’s day. Gifts for the whole class. This year.

Don’t forget to use construction paper for this great card idea.

Don’t Burst My Bubble Valentines Day Cards.


bubble Valenetines day card for kids with a don't burst my bubble be my valentine written on it

Photo Credit: Crafting Chicks

Here is a tutorial on making an easy DIY note using a single bubble container, available at many local dollar stores or Michaels craft stores. It’s not only cute but is another excellent alternative gift idea as an alternative to chocolates.

This idea would be a great craft on cardstock, simple to create with DIY paper cut-outs. Has a free printable card valentine cards gift tag 

Extra Special Gum Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Extra Special Day valentines Day card

Photo Credit: Passion for Savings

Cute Card for a DIY card using Extra brand bubble gum, Passion for savings has free digital print valentine cards to print, which you will need to glue or tape on the gum on the front of the card. It’s a lovely idea.

Friendship Bracelet Valentines Day Card DIY

Friendship Bracelet Valentine's Day Card

Photo Credit: The House that Lars Built

A Simple but Sweet Gesture for those Teenage or Tween girls to do for their best gal pals, or if you have the time, you could create quite a few homemade friendship bracelets while watching television during these cold winter months Canadians. It’s the perfect homemade DIY Valentine’s day card, which is fun and simple to create. Get the full tutorial from the website. 

Watch Our Friendship Grow Valentine’s Day Card


Seed Valentine's Day heart card "Watch our friendship grow"

Photo Credit: JaMonkey

Creative Valentine’s day cards to create that are heart-shaped and great for their mom’s garden, as you give them seeds to plant inside each heart’s card! All you will need is a few source packages, and follow this tutorial from Ja Monkey on how to create this heart-shaped seed package on paper. You may want to add a note on the back of the card on how to plant it, or the child may think the heart is nothing more but a simple decoration.

Starwars & GlowSticks Valentine’s Day Cards

Starwars free printable valentines day card with glowstick

Photo Source: Agrandelife

A Wonderful tutorial from Agrandelife on creating these free Valentine’s day cards using construction paper and glow sticks. This DIY project can be simple to start with a few minutes of printing, cutting out the form, and taping the store-bought glow sticks. You can purchase glow sticks at almost any dollar store, Walmart, or craft store.

Easy to make with love and a little time and does not require candy. This craft is easy to get the kids involved in.

Love is in the Air Valentine’s Day Cards

Love is in the Air Classroom gift tags

Photo Credit Eighteen TwentyFive 

If you can find store-bought heart balloons: this would make an adorable class gift as an alternative to the traditional candy that is usually given. “Love is in the Air” is such a cute gift tag, and you could use a standard balloon; I’m sure the kids wouldn’t notice the difference as the gift tag would still match the gift. Eighteen 25 has the full tutorial, including the DIY Valentine’s day card to print


Loom Friendship Bracelets DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Looming bracelets kids valentines day card

Photo Credit: Thirtyhandmadedays

Great Valentine’s day gift tag or slash Kids Valentine’s day card if your child has a loom craft maker. A Thoughtful Handmade Gift, a child, could create with their own hands. Thirtyhandmadedays has a great tutorial on creating and printing these cards, including free printable Valentine’s day cards. A little love is needed to develop this valentines day homemade gift.

Cute Play-Doh DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

play doh valentines card to give with play doh

Photo Credit: The Nerds Wife

Make memorable DIY Valentine’s day cards to go with Play-Doh! You can find many play doh mini containers at your local craft stores and dollar stores. The nerd’s wife has a free valentine’s card printable for you to take home to print on white cardstock.


Skittles Over the Rainbow Valentine’s day card

Skittles Valentine's day card

Photo Credit: Mama Cheaps 

Another Valentine card you can print using white cardstock! She has attached mini skittles bags, but you could purchase a giant suitcase and then repackage them into mini ziplock bags or use full-sized skittles packs found at Costco, or next time Halloween candy is on sale, grab a box of skittles fun packs and save them for next year. Get the free Valentine’s day card to print at Mama Cheaps. 

Smarty Pants Valentine’s day Candy Craft

Smarty Pants Valentines day treats

Photo Credit: Tip Junkie 

Talk about the cutest design idea for a bit of a pop-up card. You will need some cardstock with this printed design. So Perfect and creative. I’m not sure how to find “smartie ” candy here in Canada, as I think our packages are a bit different and called Rockets or something; sorry, I’m not a huge candy fan. But the pop-up card is so adorable I had to include it in this roundup. See TipJunkie for the tutorial to create this Valentine’s card.

Burst With Laughter Valentine’s day card DIY

Starburst Laugh it up

Photo Credit: The Celebration Project

A not-so-gushy Valentine’s day card, perfect for the boy to give out, as The Celebration Project points out! A great alternative to a heart’s card! Just tape on some Starburst-wrapped candy, and you are on your way. If you have a Cricket machine, this is a great pattern to download and a regular pdf to print on thick white paper. Great easy print paper project for any family. Use tape instead of glue if desired.

Hooked on You Goldfish Valentine Card

Hooked on You Goldfish Crackers Candy topper

Photo Credit: Frugal Coupon Living

Another adorable cracker valentine’s day card gift idea! Easy to print and create; get the cellophane wrappers at Michaels or other craft supply stores, fill up with Goldfish crackers, and cut and print the Valentine card as a topper from Frugal Coupon Liv ng. Don’t forget to check out Goldfish coupons if you plan to make these for Valentine’s day.

Party Animal Valentines Day Cards

Party Animal Valentines day card

Photo Credit: Positively Splendid 

Cute Idea using dollar store plastic animals to make someone smile and for an easy little craft project without hearts this Valentine’s day. Check out Positively Splendid for her tutorial and design using white card stock to make this sweet card today.

Color Me Happy Valentine’s Day Card

Colour Happy Kids Valentine's day cards

Photo Credit: The Pretty Bee

It is a practical, easy craft to creative which most kids can always use a few new crayons and a simple message to help cut out and create these paper cards. Get the full tutorial at The Pretty Bee.

Yoda, Best Valentine’s Message Card

Yoda Best

Photo Credit Make It Love it. 

Another sweet free craft Print, and this time it’s Y a!  For best results, you can add a little product such as bubbles or a glow stick to this paper using brown cards ck. Valentine’s day without a giant he rt! Get the full tutorial from Make it and Love it. 

Army Guy Command you to be my Valentine

Army guy valentine day card gift

Photo Credit: Must Have Mom 

Another Great Dollar Store gift idea for the whole class om! Must-have Mom has an excellent, easy-to-follow tutorial on creating these sweet product toys into a fun craft project for this upcoming Valentine’s day celebration.

Light Up My Life Valentine’s Day Cards

Light Up My Life Glow Stick Valentine's Day Card

Photo Credit: Little Bins for Little Hands 

Another Perfect Idea for Glow Stick Valentine Cards to create is cute and desirable Non-candy gift ideas to select friends or cheap enough for the whole cl ss. You can purchase glow sticks at a dollar store or Walm t.  Get the full tutorial at Little Bins for Little Hands. 

Fishbowl Design Valentine’s Day Card

Fishbowl Valentine's Day

Photo Credit: The Gracious Wife

Another Homemade card to print and fish crack rs. The card reads, “I’m glad we are from the same sch ol. ” Add crackers and cellophane with this sweet printable design onto some cardstock paper, and you’ll be set for this year’s Valentine’s day celebration with The Gracious Wife. 

Write to the Point Valentine’s Card

Write to the point Free Prntable Valentines day card

Photo Credit: LizzieJane Baby

Another homemade product to create at home chooses red, green and yellow designs to m ke. The Valentine Card Reads, I’ll get “WRITE” to the point… I like you; Happy Valentine’s day. Get the Full Tutorial and list of supplies of products at Lizzie Jane Baby. 

Animal Valentine’s Gift Card

Tiny Animals 4 cards to print for free

Photo Credit:

Four ideas to Print and send a message to your classmates with this sweet idea from SweetSCDesigns, who has designed four different cards to print depending on the animals you find at your local dollar store and like.

Emoji Valentine's Day Card

Photo Credit:

Emojis are still popular, especially with social media, and with the Emoji movie that came out the other year, it’s still a fun note which you can add a product onto the card as shown in the ph. Head over to LandeeLu for the tutorial on this simple card to write on, and if you can find some heart chocolates, that would be sweet!

Minecraft  Valentines Day Cards

DIY valentine cards for school | diy valentine cards for school

Photo Credit: 

This homemade card is a two-step process – You will need to print the wrapper and the c d.  But since most kids know and love Minecraft, it is not going out of style any time s n.  The kids will love this homemade Valentine’s card – it is simple and would make an excellent craft for the family on a Sunday after n.  Get the Full Tutorial at The Simplasthatblog 

I’ve Got My Eyes on you, Valentine!

Eyes On You With Sunglasses

Photo Credit

If you can find some adorable heart sunglasses, usually at a dollar store, this would make a kid smile as they put the glasses onto their f e!  The text is in red and purple, so if your, the crafting OCD person, has to find everything matching, you will want to hunt for red and purple glasses, as shown ab e.  Get the full tutorial.  

Colour By Number Valentine Card

Colour By Number Valentine card for kids

Photo Credit: Amomstake

Instead of a paint by number, it’s a colour by number and would require three crayons, which you have attached to this Valentine’s card; once they have coloured in the card using the crayons attached, they will see a heart inside.

You Make My Heart Pop – Valentine Card

Heart Pop- Microwave Popcorn Valentine Card

Photo Credit: Crazy little Project

Everyone owns or has access to the microwave, right? Well, as long as your school allows food, this is a great unique idea to try this year, since the whole world is watching tv these days, so why not do it with pops rn? This is one gift that will, for sure, be your d.  Get the Card and tutorial. 

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