Barbie DIY Furniture




Remember Barbie Dolls? Girls still play with them today, but accessories and furniture are starting to cost a fortune with all the variety available in stores.

With the friendly help of Google & Pinterest, there are many tutorials on creating Barbie furniture and home furnishings yourself. These ideas are great to help get kids involved in crafting and designing.

This list will definitely get your creative juices flowing for you to create some cool Barbie home furnishings or furniture.

13 Barbie Do it Yourself Furniture & Accessories


 Do it Yourself Closet for Barbie.

DIY Barbie Closet

(Image Hey its Muff)

Every Girl needs a Closet, but this adorable closet doesn’t even look like it’s made out of plain ole cardboard. Hey, Its Muff Blog does a fantastic job on all the steps required for this little craft! This adorable Barbie Closet is made out of cardboard.


Build a Barbie House

DIY Barbie House

(Image Build it Sew it Love it)

Nothing says like a Do it Yourself Project Like a Full-Sized Barbie House! This barbie house could last many generations with this sturdiness!  This Blog gives many details and steps, including a list of purchased materials used to create this Barbie Doll House.


 Create a Barbie Wall Clock

Barbie Clock

Image From Dollar Store Crafts 

Every Girl needs to know the time! And Barbie should be No different! With a little patience and some materials – This blog, Dollar Store Crafts, has a great tutorial on how you can create your own Barbie Clock.

Barbie Arm Chair

Barbie Chair for Living Room

(Image from That Cottage) 

Every Barbie House needs at least one armchair! Put Barbie in Comfort with this padded Arm Chair created from simple materials such as Cloth, Cardboard, Foam, and some love and Patience!  This is so adorable and can really be whatever colour you would enjoy! That Cottage has a Great Tutorial on how to make this Barbie Chair.

DIY Barbie Bed

Barbie Bed diy tutorial

Image from Crafty Couple

Does your Barbie need a custom bed? Check out Crafty Couple while showing you how to create this Do It Yourself Barbie Bed created from a cereal box, Fun coloured duct tape and some pencils as the starting base.


Barbie Sofa (DIY)

Barbie Sofa

(Image Otterine: )

Create Barbie her own comfy couch with this Do It yourself Barbie Sofa using Kitchen sponges, fabric, foam, and some pins. Otterine does a great job in her step-by-step tutorial, which you can easily follow along.

DIY Barbie Suitcase

Barbie Suitcase

Image: Crafter 

Every Barbie needs a Getaway! And what a way for her to pack! Make cute little suitcases using this easy-to-follow Tutorial. Using a Matchbox, brown Paper, and stickers, a bit of glue, and that is all. Let the ideas flow on this adorable suitcase to create.


Barbie House Picture Frames

Barbie Picture Frames

Image Credit: Dollar Store Crafts: 

Create Wall Hanging Art Work for Barbie! This is a simple tutorial using items from the dollar store embellishments!  It’s easy, but sometimes all it takes is a simple light bulb to go “HA!” and create your own as well.

Barbie Chair Table

Barbie Chair Bowl Ikea

(Image: Ikea Hackers:  )

The Ikea Hackers created this wonderful tutorial for a Barbie Chair and matching Table using wooden bowls and frame and wooden chopsticks; Fabric is wanted. This tutorial is okay, but I kind of wish it was better detailed and more pictures.


Do It Yourself Barbie Fireplace

Barbie fireplace

Image: Sharon O Jala:

Build a Fireplace for Barbie in her house! This handmade Diy Barbie fireplace is made of cardboard, fabric, and natural rocks with a small piece of wood for the mantle’s top.  But Sharon O Jala has the total tutorial!

DIY Barbie Bakeware

DIY Barbie Bakeware


Is Barbie a Homemaker, or likes to bake and cook for her family or friends? Well, Vavoom Vintage has a great little tutorial on how to make Bakeware for casserole dishes and Baking pans! Believe it or not – Using Cough Drop and Gum plastic packaging.  You will need a steady hand.


Barbie Furniture for a Fun Barbie House

Barbie Furniture

Image Credit: agirlandagluegun

If you want to create a full DIY Barbie Living Room or sitting Room, Check out A Girl and a Glue Gun for this fun living room tutorial using tissue boxes and fun fabric as the main materials. She even has a Youtube Video.

Barbie DIY Washer & Dryer

Diy Washer Dryer

Image Credit: MyFroggyStuff

Does Barbie have room for a Washer and Dryer? In need of a Laundry basket to put all of her clothes? Well, MyFroggyStuff has tutorials on a whole laundry room, Plus Videos to help you through the tutorials.