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Remember Barbie Dolls? Well girls still play with them today – but accessories and furniture are starting to cost a fortune.  With the friendly help of Google & Pinterest  there are many tutorials on how to create Barbie furniture and home furnishings yourself. This list will definitely get your creative juices flowing for you to create some cool Barbie home furnishings or furniture.

21 Barbie Do it Yourself Furniture & Accessories

  1. Hey Its Muff:  – Diy instructions on creating a wardrobe holder for Barbie out of cardboard
  2. Kids Kubby: Create a Couch from a Box and stuffing
  3. Kids Kubby:  DIY instructions for a Barbie Suitcase with a soap holder, and buttons
  4. Build It Sew it Love it:  : Instructions on how to Build a Barbie House that will last past this generation
  5. Dollar Store Crafts:  Create a Barbie a Wall Clock for her wall
  6. That Cottage:  Create an Arm Chair from Cardboard, Foam and Cloth
  7. Crafty Couple: Create a Barbie Bed from Pencils, duct tape, and a cereal box
  8. Otterine: Create another Barbie Couch using Sponges and fabric
  9. A Girl and a Glue Gun:  Create Barbie a Rug using yarn and a hot glue gun
  10. Crafster:  Another Suitcase Using a Match box and brown paper
  11. Casey Mini Build a Tub Surround for Barbie Tub
  12. My Small Obsession: – Lots of awesome ideas of Junk into small accessories for Barbie homes
  13. Minatures-About : Create a Bed using Wooden Stir Sticks
  14. Dollar Store Crafts:  Create Wall Hanging Art Work for Barbie
  15. Doll House Decorating:  Diy instructions on Floor Lamp
  16. Kids Kubby:  Create a Barbie Purse using Sample sizes bottles
  17. Ikea Hackers:  Use a wooden bowl and frame holder to create an awesome Barbie Chair
  18. The Sum Fall Crafts:  Create a Dresser of Drawers that work for Barbie
  19. Sharon O Jala:  Build a Fireplace for Barbie in her house
  20. Kids Kubby:  Create No Sew Pillows for Barbie using Duct Tape




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