Barbie Closet Canada: Sale on Amazon

Why keep Barbie’s wardrobe confined to the playroom when she can wear any outfit anywhere? This Ultimate Closet is designed for portability with a carrying handle and dimensions of 16″ H x 18.5″ W x 11.75″ D.

Six included hangars help keep fashions fashionable daily or for those fabulous grocery store trips, lots of shelf space is perfect for accessorizing her on-point outfits, and a fold-out rack helps roleplay dress-up fun too!

What little girl wouldn’t want a portable closet where they can create an ongoing scene anytime, anywhere!?

Right now, you can purchase this Barbie Closet for just $24.99!

That’s a significant savings of 33% off!

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So many little girls love Barbie Dolls and all that comes with them in Barbie Land! I remember spending hours playing house with my Barbies as a young girl!  But my daughter never did get into dolls – she was too busy being a tomboy!  There are lots of places to shop online for Barbie Items! Here’s where you can shop online for this brand – and perhaps find a reasonable price or deal with whatever you’re looking for:

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The History of Barbie

Barbie is a doll that Mattel makes. Barbie has blonde hair and pink skin. Barbie is the face of other dolls in the line of Mattel dolls.

Mattel has sold over a billion Barbie dolls, making it its most significant and profitable line.

She significantly impacted how people think by showing them what it means to be independent. She also showed people what it is like to live an upscale lifestyle that you can share with your friends.

In 1987, Mattel began to market Barbies as a media brand. They made cartoons and TV specials. They also made video games and music.

Mattel says Barbie is the doll of the century. Her 50th anniversary was a success. Barbie is an essential part of feminism and sexual attitudes.