Marble Slab Birthday Offer: Free Ice Cream | marble slab free,marble slab free ice cream,marble slab birthday reward

Marble Slab, Free Birthday Offer.

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    Marble Slab Birthday Offer: Free Ice Cream | marble slab free,marble slab free ice cream,marble slab birthday reward

    The Next time you visit Marble Slab Ice Cream Store – Pick up a Flavour Passport!  Each time you purchase a new flavour of ice cream – You will receive a stamp – and once you fill it up (with 5 stamps), you will receive a free Medium Cone (You choose the flavour).

    Currently, there are 8 New Flavours so far.

    This would be a wonderful idea for those of you with larger-sized families – Or if you are a family of Ice Cream lovers that love to experiment with flavours!

    Marble Slab Free Offer is valid for a limited time only.

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    About Marble Slab Creamery and History

    “The Marble Slab Creamery opened its first store in Texas in 1983.  They use a frozen slab technique to create their masterpieces. They use freshly made gourmet ice cream  – their recipe for sweet, creamy ice cream was developed by 2Frenchh chefs – it’s the same recipe used today.

    The first store to hit Canada was in Calgary back in 2003.

    Every batch of ice cream is made right in the store, as well as hand-made waffle cones right on site.   Choose from various candy, fruits, nuts and cookies to add to your mixings of ice cream.

    Create Your Own Treat

    What makes this brand so popular is the fact that customers can create their own tasty desserts. You get to choose your favourite ice cream flavour and then add in whatever mixin’ you like. The possibilities are endless!!

    If you don’t feel like creating your own treat, there is always the option of purchasing ready-made desserts like banana splits, sundaes, ice cream cakes, and much more.

    Ice Cream Cakes

    These are perfect for any occasion. Nothing beats a delicious ice cream cake. Blow your guests away when they see this presented at your next function. They will definitely be coming back for more.

    There are two options for ice cream cakes. You can choose ready-made ones like Raspberry Cheesecake, etc., OR you can create your own invention. I like this option because it’s more personal. However, if you are in a hurry and want something quick, be sure to check out the ready-made option.

    Order online or see in-store for details and pricing.


    If you have an event coming up and would like Marble Slab to cater, they offer a portable slab, Sundae Bar, and Creations to Go. I think that this would be the centrepiece of any party. Imagine the fun the kids (and adults alike) would have with one of these at your next function.