Diy Pine Swag Door Décor

Nothing welcomes guests to your home like a fresh pine wreath or swag on your front door. The colours and scents are so bright and inviting, and they are a great way to use what nature gives us to decorate with. This year, forget buying a pricey store-bought arrangement; why not try making your own instead?

We were able to whip up this sample decorative door swag using just $2 in materials from our local dollar store. Take a peek below at how to make your own.

Supplies needed:

  • Assorted pine branches, fresh
  • Clothesline
  • Scissors
  • Thick wired ribbon

As mentioned, we were able to find some durable and heavy-duty clotheslines at our local dollar store. They also had a wide assortment of thick wired ribbons, which is perfect for this project. Not sure where to find fresh pine branches? See if your local tree lot will give you the ones on the ground, or take a walk through a nearby forest and see what you can find.


  1. Begin by arranging the branches into a large bouquet. Let the bouquet soak in water for a few hours, so it lasts as long as possible once hung.
  2. Remove all of the skinny branches from the top 3 inches of the stem. You want this part to be nice and clean.
  3. At the top where you removed the branches, hold them together tightly and begin wrapping a length of clothesline around them.
  4. Continue wrapping until the three inches of stems are covered.
  5. Tuck the clothesline’s end into the wrapping or secure it to the stem using hot glue.
  6. Take your scissors and now trim the swag into shape. We did a triangle-like form, but you can cut it any way you want.
  7. Snip away any flyaway branches or ones that seem out of place.
  8. Now, all you need to do is begin wrapping the wire ribbon around the base and let it trail down the swag. You can curl it around your finger if you want to give it some bounce or let it fall naturally. We did not glue ours on but just wrapped it tightly, starting at the top.



That’s all there is to make your pine swag! You can now add any other décor pieces you would like, such as ornaments, additional ribbon, tinsel, etc. These are a fun and fresh (and frugal!) way to decorate for the holidays, so gather your supplies and give it a try!

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