Pine Cones are in great abundance during the fall and winter months, and a simple walk outdoors can usually net you dozens of them. If you have been wondering what to do with all of the little pinecones you come across, wonder no more. Below you will find a fun and frugal DIY gold pinecone wreath craft perfect for jazzing up your front door, dining room, mantel, or anywhere else you see fit. It adds the perfect pop of holiday charm no matter where you decide to use it, so take a look below at how to make your own!

DIY Gold Pinecone Wreath

Supplies needed:

  • 3 dozen small pinecones
  • Hot glue, glue gun
  • Wire wreath form
  • Gold spray paint

Supplies such as gold spray paint, wire wreath form, and hot glue items can be found at your local Michaels or even retail store. If you don’t wish to use gold, you are free to use silver or any other finish of your choice. Be creative and do what suits your style.


1. Begin by applying generous dabs of glue to the flat underneath the side of your pinecones. Press then to the wireframe one at a time, holding them in place while pressing firmly for about thirty seconds. It is best to have a newspaper under the wreath as you work, as the glue will leak through the wire.
2. Continue this process, moving in a clockwise fashion, filling its space as you go. Once you have done a complete lap around the wire form, use smaller and skinnier pine cones to fill in any gaps. You may want to break small bits off the pinecones for them to fit nicely.
3. Take one last look at the wreath, using broken-off bits of the pinecone to fill in any areas that are still bare.
4. Allow your wreath a good hour to dry. Keep pressing the cones firmly, so they secure to the wire form.
5. Lay the wreath on a flat surface and hold the spray paint can about 6 inches away. Apply a coat of paint and allow 15 minutes to dry. Once dry, apply a second and even third coat until the wreath is fully covered.

Frugal Holiday DIY: Gold Pinecone Wreath |

Once your wreath is dry, it is time to display it! Add a wire to the back or hang it from a nail or wreath hook. It will look just gorgeous greeting your guests as they come to your home or hanging by a glowing mantel. This wreath would even make a frugal gift for friends and family who love a natural look.

Give this simple DIY gold pinecone wreath a try and see what you can come up with. You are sure to make something that is not only festive but frugal as well. Happy crafting!