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Fall is here, and with it comes the arrival of a rainbow of colours. The changing leaves will bring us a symphony of hues to marvel at, including yellow, red, and orange, just to name a few. There is no better way to get in the spirit of this festive season than to bring those colours indoors where you can enjoy them too.

If you are looking for a fun and frugal fall craft that allows you to do precisely this, you need not look any further than this Frugal Fall Marbled Vase.

Made from just a few simple supplies, this Frugal Fall Marbled vase looks like something out of a fun little boutique, but the truth is you can make it yourself. Take a look below at how to make your very own.


Frugal Fall Marbled Vase

Not Many supplies are Needed for this DIY Craft

Supplies Needed:
Large clear canning jar
Assorted craft paints in red, yellow, and orange
A paintbrush

If you do not have any of the above supplies in your home, they are pretty easy to find. You can locate canning jars at most thrift stores or retail stores. Dollar stores and craft stores have a wide selection of inexpensive finger paints such as the ones we used here, and you can also locate raffia at these stores.



1. To begin, you want to clean out the inside of your jar with warm water and dry it well.
2. Use your paintbrush to dab generous amounts of paint on the inside of the jar. Repeat this process using various colours and applying generously.
3. Once a light coat of paint covers the jar, add a few generous globs of colour to the inside of the vase. These paint globs will fall to the bottom of the vase. That is ok; they won’t be there for long!

4. Next, add a teaspoon of water to the jar. Don’t go overboard as a teaspoon is all you need.
5. Place a lid on the jar if you have it. If not, a sturdy piece of cardboard will do.
6. Now comes the fun part! Start shaking! Shake the jar vigorously so the paint will move and spread.
7. Remove the lid or cardboard piece. Use your paintbrush to touch up any areas that the paint still missed.
8. Now, you just need the final touch. Wrap some raffia around the neck of the jar and tie it.

That’s it! Your finished product is a beautiful, swirly, colourful vase perfect for holding a battery-operated votive or dried fall foliage if you wish. You can place fun twigs, dried leaves, or any other fall findings you should come across inside.
Bringing the colours of fall indoors.

Give it a try and see what you can come up with.