10 DIY Turkey Decorations |


DIY Turkey Decorations


Making some of your own decorations will add a personal touch to your next family gathering. These DIY decorations are turkey-themed, of course, and will look great on your table or around the house. Have fun making these and enjoy displaying these handcrafted items.

10 Do it yourself Turkey Decoration ideas for you to try


Candy Thanksgiving Turkey Favors

Adorn your holiday table with these cute candy-filled turkey favours. These favours use Reese’s, but you could use any smaller candy that you like. With only 7 supplies needed, these are easy to put together and will add some fun for both kids and adults!

Turkey Wreath

This turkey wreath can be made in different colours to fit your style. Starting with a Styrofoam wreath makes it easy. You just pick out the colour or fabric and ribbon that you would like to have. Some paint and a hot glue gun will finish the wreath off in no time.

Cookie and Candy Turkeys

Candy corn and chocolate sandwich cookies make this table decoration both eye-catching and good to eat. You can also make this in a short amount of time, which is great.

What a Turkey

While this yarn ball turkey is geared toward kids, you can choose to make the thankful feathers more adult and let each guest add to the feathers. Entertaining, and fun to look at, this turkey decoration will be a hit.

Fruit and Cheese Turkey

This centrepiece is made with acorn squash as the body of the turkey. The feathers are skewers with fruit and cheese, which become your appetizers.

Pretzel Turkeys

This easy to assemble item is a cute decoration, as well as a yummy treat.


Turkey Candy Holder

Who knew a flower pot could be transformed into a turkey candy holder? You could also fill it up with pinecones or other items after the candy is gone.


Edible Turkey Decorations

Cookies, candy and marshmallows are combined to make this tasty turkey decoration for your table.

Turkey Candelabra

You can turn a pumpkin and squash into a centrepiece candelabra.