HGTV Contest ~ WIN a Trip to Bahamas


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HGTV Contest for Canada 2020.

A Wish Contest.

Enter to WIN a Trip The Bahamas valued $12,500.

There are two (2) prizes available to be won. Each Prize will consist of: a five
(5) day, four (4) night trip for two (2) to South Andros Island in The Bahamas which shall include:

  • Round-trip airfare for the Winner and his/her guest, to Nassau, Bahamas;
  • Round-trip airfare for the Winner and Guest from Nassau, the Bahamas to the Destination;
  • Round-trip ground transportation between the airport and Hotel in the Destination;
  • Hotel accommodation at the Caerula Mar Club hotel;
  • Dining and beverage plan for Winner and Guest at the Hotel;
  • A customized video for the Winner from either Bryan or Sarah Baeumler;
  • A personalized welcome basket for Winner upon arrival at the Hotel;
  • One (1) Travel Excursion for the Winner and Guest;
  • and Five hundred US dollars (USD$500) spending money for the Winner.

The approximate retail value of each Prize is $12,500.


Contest Rules

  • Open to residents of Canada
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority
  • Daily entry

HGTV may have cancelled this contest. It is no longer posted on their site, but no notice was given about it being cancelled. I have emailed HGTV, but have not received a response.

Enter to Win this Giveaway Here

This HGTV Contest ends April 19, 2020.


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About HGTV Channel

HGTV is the hottest channel with entertaining stories about lots of Renovation shows by some of the Canadian Top celebrity hosts and experts! Catch your favourite home renovation shows today and see some great ideas for your home renovations, or to keep up with the latest home design trends simply.

Do you watch the HGTV Channel?

I’m a hit or miss kind of gal – sometimes we watch it on the weekend if it’s an indoor type day – but I have no shows that I need to watch each day or record any. I like home makeovers, and fixer-upper type shows – depending on the hosts – The bad thing about watching these shows – all I want is a New house – or spend thousands of dollars to redo ours again lol.


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  1. My name isTodd Elliott. I don’t know where to start. A few years ago I hit a deer with my truck and a few hours later I was in an ambulance with a heart attack. On the last day of my 6 months of rehab I came home to my house on fire. The insurance company brought in a company to fix it. While this was going on ( for a pain staking 9 1/2 months while my wife slept on a couch in the living room and I froze upstairs where the walls, ceiling and insulation were taken out)and then brother (my best friend)was diagnosed with cancer and died during the Reno. I hit another deer , my house was hit bye lightening and lost all my appliances and water heater and furnace. Somebody broke into my garage and stole all my tools and then my father passed away in a car accident. When things couldn’t get worse I started seeing cracks in the walls and drywall joints wrinkling up and a crack in my travertine tile that runs the full length of the foyer. Dips in the floors are very prevalent. After having an engineer an inspector and several contractors in they all said the integrity of the foundation was compromised from the shoring they did. The workmanship is horrible and I had to hire a lawyer. I’m a hard working factory worker and my wife and I just need a break!

  2. I entered the RBC HGTV (Corus) Home Someday contest. Prior to entering, I contacted Corus to clarify the rules as they were quite vague, and to this day, I have not received a response. I worked day and night putting my entry together. Getting the video down to 60 seconds proved impossible, so I had to split it into 4 x 15 second videos. Then, getting everything I needed to say compressed into 500 words..after editing several times, I got it down to less than 520. I am extremely disappointed,.. having received no acknowledgment of even entering, and after seeing several entries on YouTube that did not meet these requirements. I emailed HGTV expressing my disappointment, again receiving no response… I tried seeking out how to contact the Baeumlers, because I don’t believe they would be happy with the lack of accountability, but to no avail…not a great way to start this “extensive three year partnership” between HGTV, RBC, and Bryan and Sarah Baeumler..

  3. Oh boy missed this by two weeks – darn! Our 1952 Bechtel built house has a lot of potential. It’s a 1100 sq. ft. Bungalow on a half acre property with large trees and lots of gardens. House has good bones; just needs a face lift (like the rest of us – LOL!). If I had my wish I’d build a sun room out the back, make the current livingroom a formal dining room, overhaul the small cottage kitchen and update to modern times, need laminate or new wood floors throughout, need to make every room two feet wider on outside walls, would love to have a loft with extra bedroom, bathroom, fireplace, and sitting room and big picture window looking over the backyard. I’ve always wanted a dream home. I’m wishing that my wish will be heard and my dreams will come true. Please HGTV fairy Godmother or Godfather let me enter this contest!

  4. I’m emailing on behalf of my friend, Dawn who truly does deserve a home makeover! She moved into her home, to what was to be her dream home, this quickly turned into a nightmare, never ending….!
    The first few days, she had the fire department out, faulty wiring. A week later, I kid you not, the basement flooded, the list goes on!
    The apartment above, as a land lady, she re did all the repairs, tried to help people out, by lowering the rent, only to have the place trashed.
    She has such a good heart, always thinking of others, never herself. She’ll go without, to help another person, without expecting anything in return. She was laid off for quite sometime, and struggled to keep her head above water, but… Even so, she some how managed to help others.
    I would LOVE to see her win a home makeover, she truly does deserve this! Her home needs so much work, I know she’s doing the best she can, but, $25.000 could turn her nightmare, back into the dream home she always wanted. Thank you so much, I sincerely hope she’ll be considered?? If not?? Good luck & best wishes to who does!!

  5. hello my name is scott i am a retired vet i had to retire because of a disability i incurred while i was serving i have been trying for the 10 years or so to save enough money to renovate but things just keep coming up i am single and raiding my grandson who is nine now but i have been raising him since he was in diapers my laundry room is in the basement and it is hard for me to go up and down my kitchen is falling apart i just cant seem to save any money on a disability pension winning this would go along way toward helping me renovate

  6. This was very boring. I opened like 100 doors and there was nothing matching my badge but if I change my badge the other badge would appear. Looks like it’s set up differently so you don’t win the badge. Lol

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