Field Agent Canada Get Paid to use your Smartphone

Field Agent Canada – Paid to use your SmartPhone

Field Agent is the first iPhone app that allows you to make money with your iPhone while you shop!


Field Agent ( Launched into the Canadian market on October 17th 2011. . The service has been provided in the United States, UK and Australia since early 2010. They’ve been in Canada already for 8 years! 


The main premise behind Field Agent is that companies like Heinz or Loblaw (Client) want to know what is going on in supermarkets and other stores across the country. With Field Agent they can get accurate and fast information leveraging our “Agents” in the field who will go to the store, collect the requested info and then send it from the app on their iPhone to the client.


The Agent gets paid anywhere from $3.00  to $12 for their services (deposited to Pay Pal) and the Client gets fast and reliable information at a significant discount vs. traditional mystery shop or audit agencies.

(No Worries It is FREE)

Every weekend they have additional Tasks you can do to earn more as well!

You generally don’t have to purchase anything – Just take a picture and write down information on your findings!  it’s similar to Mystery Shopping

  • Take Audits
  • Take Pictures
  • Take Videos
  • Price Checks
  • Take Survey

and much more




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