Michelin Canada Rebate Winter 2018




Michelin Canada Rebate: 2018 Spring

If you buy a set of 4 Michelin Tires between now and December 21, 2018, you can get up to $70.00 cash as a mail-in Rebate.

Print Mail In Rebate 

Simply Print and attach your invoice of purchase, and mail out between now and mail out before January 31, 2019, in order to get the rebate.

Did rebate expire?

See New Mail in Rebates Available 



Michelin Canada Customer Service Phone Number


In Canada History and Facts

Michelin established their first office in Montreal in 1943 and opened it’s first production facility in Nova Scotia in 1969  and produced it’s the first tire there in 1971.  Currently, Now it’s Headquarters located in Montreal and has 3 production locations in Nova Scotia.  There are currently 3600 employees in Canada, and nearly all of them are in Nova Scotia.

Michelin Commercial :

The Premier Tire Commercial – found on youtube: and the mascot is such a cute cartoon character – Why not share!



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  1. This was a total ripoff!!

    I bought 8 Michelin winter tires in October 2018 and now, after 5 months, I only received one rebate for 4 tires. WTF???

    And everywhere I call or visit, they just blamed each other and said they don’t have access to the “info” where I have my receipt in front of their face.

    Bye bye Michelin forever.

  2. We are not associated with Michelin, and you need to contact the company directly. Their website has a toll-free number for customer service.

  3. My name is Roger McEwin and i am a happy customer with my Michelin tires purchased the fall of 2017. I am very unhappy that I have never received my rebate that was applied for and sent by mail on December 19/2017 and again on May 1st / 2018 with a message attached to the second request on why I had never received my rebate??? The information was sent out to the Paris Ontario address twice with no response at all?? is there anyone at you end that can check this request out for me. Thank you.


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