Michelin Winter Tires

The Tire Rack has the biggest selection of MICHELIN Winter tires. If you’re still trying to decide which winter tire is best for you, Michelin makes it easy by rating each tire with an “Ice” or snowflake rating. The Ice rating range goes from 1-4, meaning that without studs, one snowflake rating means the lowest snow/ice traction and 4 full wheels mean the best winter performance.

Summer Tires are meant to give you the smoothest ride possible, and you won’t have to listen to your tires!

Season Tires are great for Spring, Summer and Fall but are never the quality of winter Rated tires.

Did you know?

In Canada, a new winter tire model must pass three pre-tests corresponding to the conditions of the Canadian winter: ice, deep snow and cold asphalt.

On top of that, each manufacturer has to develop specific tires for each vehicle category (passenger cars, light trucks and heavy trucks). These tires must exhibit a level of performance equal to the best winter tire on snow or ice.

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    About Michelin Tires

    Michelin tires are made with premium materials and innovative technology that provides superior performance on all terrain. From city streets to mountain roads, Michelin tires offer excellent handling, grip, and traction—allowing you to drive confidently wherever your adventures take you. They also feature advanced tread compounds that provide exceptional wear resistance, so your tires will last longer and perform better mile after mile.

    Michelin tires are engineered with safety in mind and feature proprietary technologies that can help keep you safe on the road. For instance, their X-Ice Xi3 winter tire is equipped with 3D Active Sipe Technology, providing increased stability during cornering and more excellent snow traction than traditional sipes. This makes them ideal for Canadian winters, where snow and ice can be a significant issue for drivers. Additionally, some models come equipped with Michelin Self-seal Technology, which helps seal punctures up to ¼” in diameter, so you don’t have to worry about losing air pressure while driving—and potentially having an accident.

    Although Michelin Tires are made with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, they remain affordable for most budgets—even those on a tight budget! You can find great deals on Michelin tires at almost any auto parts store or online retailer. Plus, because they last longer than other brands, you won’t have to replace them as often—which means even more savings over time!