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Are you due for an oil change? We found you a great way to save money on your following oil change.  It’s with Pennzoil, and you can change your oil using this coupon at a few retailers across Canada, depending on your postal code Plus you can get a $20 Rebate if you order a full service.

Oil Change Pennzoil Coupons:

Save Between  $10 On Next Motor Oil Change off your following qualifying oil change using Pennzoil Oil at a location near you.

  • $10 off your next oil change with qualifying Pennzoil® Full Synthetic Motor Oil

You can receive this coupon via text, email, or print it out.

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The coupon offer Ends December 31, 2023

Penzoil Rebate: Free $20.00 Gift Card Promotion

New Rebate to get a Gift Card valued at $20.00

Penzoilsrecognize their loyal customers have always shown us love and appreciation, so they are giving back this year with  The “Get Ahead in 2023” promotion runs from March 1st, 2023, to September 30th, 2023, so take advantage of this fantastic offer while it lasts!


Please visit the website below for more information on claiming your gift card. Get ahead in 2023 with Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic motor oil – the best protection and performance for your engine.

At the time of writing, the terms say Canada is allowed Plus it is on the JiffyLube website, So it’s good for Canada, but at the time of writing it doesn’t seem to accept a postal code ( at least for me) 

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Promotion ends September 30, 2023


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Free Sample

    How often should you change your Oil?

    This is such a variable question, with so many answers to be truthful. But the formal answer would be to follow; you’re the instructions in your auto manual.

    The old rule of thumb was every 6000 km, but with many new models out there, they are saying every 10,000 km.  And some say if you run synthetic, you can get away with it leaving it an extra 1000 km.  But to be safe, read your manual and decide from there.

    Do it yourself Oil Changes Vs Lube Chain store

    If you can do it yourself, you probably should, as you can save money by doing it yourself. But I find places on the go to do oil changes very handy, and I usually feel more secure. I didn’t miss another problem.  I like the little extra check tires, top of window fluid washer etc.  I can also check my air filter, and even though I could do this myself, I enjoy its convenience.

    How to Save Money on Oil Changes

    Regardless of the method of Doing it yourself, or having a garage or service place, do the oil change for you. Don’t be Shy – Bring your supplies. Many service places purchase their oil, filters, etc., at a massive discount and still charge you the entire markup. So, don’t hesitate to stock up if you see oil on sale at your local hardware or parts store. The same goes for your air filter and other small items, such as wiper blades.

    Pennzoil Products and Services

    They provide many products and services to meet customers’ needs. Their product line includes automotive, heavy-duty, industrial lubricants and specialty fluids like coolants and glycols.

    They Take quality very seriously.  All their products are designed with quality in mind and manufactured by ISO 9001 standards. Furthermore, each product batch is tested for performance against a set of strict criteria before it leaves their facility so that customers can be assured they get the best possible lubricant for their application.

    Choose Penzoil. You’re choosing a Canadian company with over 40 years of experience in providing top-notch lubricants at an affordable price. So if you’re looking for a reliable source for all your oil needs, look no further than Penzoil!