Cheez-it Crackers

Cheez-it crackers are a great snack; if you are new to tasting them, they are similar to a Ritz cracker in nature but pack a great taste in various flavours! I personally love the hot ones!

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Cheez-it Coupon

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Prices of Cheez-it Crackers in Canada

Cheez It Coupon- Save $1.50 | cheez it


Walmart Canada

Cheez-it crackers, all varieties $2.97 Regular Price

Real Canadian Superstore

Cheez-it crackers, all varieties, $2.28 Regular Price and can be spotted on sale for $1.88

The Cheez-it crackers have existed for a long time, but Kellogg acquired Keebler, and Cheez-It came along for the ride in 2001, but we didn’t see these crackers until the Spring of 2020. So how could they have kept this excellent snack from us this long?