Cheez-it Crackers

Cheez-it crackers are a great snack; if you are new to tasting them, they are similar to a Ritz cracker in nature but pack a great taste in various flavours! I personally love the hot ones!

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Prices of Cheez-it Crackers in Canada

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Walmart Canada

Cheez-it crackers all varieties $2.97 Regular Price

Real Canadian superstore

Cheez-it crackers all varieties $2.28 Regular Price and can be spotted on sale for $1.88

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The Cheez-it crackers have existed for a long time, but Kellogg acquired Keebler, and Cheez-It comes along for the ride in 2001, but we didn’t see these crackers until Spring of 2020. So how could they have kept this wonderful snack from us this long?