Food Basics Survey Contest for Canada

“The “Food Basics Survey Contest – 2024”

Enter to win a $1000 Gift Card! New Winner Every Month! 

It’s always great to take a survey and let a store know how they are treating their customers, and it is a nice jester to pat your favourite cashier on the back.

And with the Foods Basics Survey – you can win a $1000 Gift Card; how sweet is that?

Contest Prize:

  • Twelve (12) Prizes are available to be won in the Contest, one for each Monthly Period. Each Prize consists of $1,000 CDN in Metro gift cards, in denominations to be determined by the Sponsor. The ARV of each Prize is $1,000 CDN.

How to Enter

To enter this Contest, You must visit a local Food Basics Store and have a Survey pin to enter.  You can find this Code on your receipt of purchase.

Good Luck, Ontario Residents!

Contest Rules:

  • Take a Survey
  • Residents of ONTARIO only
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age 18+
  • Monthly Entry ( Max 4 times in 1 month)

Click Here to Enter

This Food Basics Contest ends September 28, 2024

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    Tips to Win The Food Basics Contest:

    The #1 way to win is to take the time to enter.  Every time you take the survey, you have another chance at winning.

    #2 Read the Rules to see how many times you can enter, and check to see if you can enter more people in your home ( spouse)

    #3 Stay Positive, and keep positive thoughts.


    About Food Basics:

    Food Basics is a grocery store chain that offers various food products at affordable prices. The first Food Basics store was opened in 1995 in Toronto, Canada and has since expanded to over 130 locations across Ontario.

    The store prides itself on providing customers with fresh, high-quality produce, meat, dairy, and bakery items. They also offer a range of international and specialty foods to cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs.

    In addition to groceries, Food Basics also carries household essentials, health and beauty products, and pet supplies.

    One of the unique features of Food Basics is their “No Frills” approach to shopping. This means that the stores are designed for easy navigation with minimal frills or extras, resulting in cost savings for customers.

    With its commitment to providing quality products at affordable prices, Food Basics has become a popular choice for grocery shopping among budget-conscious consumers.

    A&P Canada created it to compete with the warehouse-style of No Frills from Loblaw Companies.

    How Food Basics lowers its prices:

    Low Maintenance – no plastic bags, cardboard boxes, fancy store decor, and fewer staff with only part-time positions.

    I envy you, Ontario – It always seems like this grocery chain has fantastic deals each week! It always seems like Ontario gets the price of groceries at least 10% less than us who live in Canada’s Western part!  So be happy you have a fabulous weekly grocery store selection!