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New Club House Coupon for Canada

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About & History of Club House

Club House  opened back in 1883 in London Ontario Canada.  One of their original products was coffee and then within 2 years added spices, baking powder and other products to their line.

In the late 1950’s Club house was purchased by McCormick & Co  and then changed the brand name to Club House Foods Ltd.

They took off a few products such as coffee, and added products throughout the years depending on what products sold well or didn’t sell well.

The Club House spice line got totally revamped and the famous orange pedestal shaped bottle was introduced.

The Famous Club House La Grille Montreal Steak Spice  was introduced during the 1990’s and is instantly loved across Canada.

McCormick Canada is the largest Spice, Dry Sauce & Seasoning, Extract,  operation in Canada. The company continues to create new products and flavouring.

They are still located in London Ontario.



  1. Spices are great but a bit pricey. Seniors appreciate any coupons you might have. Thank you.


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