You are travelling this holiday season and wondering how you’ll make it through with a baby or a toddler? It can be challenging to travel with small children, even more so if you are travelling a long distance. Whether you’re flying or driving, there are many challenges you’ll face, but following these tips can help lessen the stress!

Baby travelling tips


1. Make sure you’re prepared foodwise.

Whether you’re nursing or formula feeding, bringing snacks or buying snacks, it’s essential to be prepared either way. If you’ve got a tiny baby that isn’t on solids yet, definitely bring some formula that you can have readily available, or be prepared to nurse frequently to fill the baby’s tummy! If your child is on solids, it might be a good idea (and less expensive) to bring some bags of fruits and veggies that you can cut up and serve when they get hungry. Airport security does allow things like apples or oranges through security, so keep that in mind when you’re travelling with babies or toddlers! Small children get hungry reasonably quickly, which can be a huge pressure point of stress for babies or toddlers.


2. Transportation is key.

It’s essential to find out what kind of transportation you and your baby are comfortable with beforehand. If you’re driving, this isn’t as big of a deal because they’ll mostly be in the car seat, and carrying them at rest stops isn’t a huge deal. However, if you’re spending lots of time in airports, it might be worth it to use a baby carrier and babywear. Some babies aren’t fond of being worn through and would much prefer a stroller. You’ll have to plan for this so you can check the stroller at the gate, allowing you to use it prior.


3. Bring entertainment

This might seem obvious, but bringing a show for babies and toddlers is crucial to a good trip. You’ll want to get some of their favourite toys, but keep in mind that while you might be an expert at tuning them out, others are not. It’s a good idea to bring toys that make less noise in cases where you have to share a space, like on an airplane. If you’re driving, you have free reign as to what you can bring, and you can even pop a movie now and then if you have a DVD player in your car!


4. Allow for some quiet time

Babies and toddlers need to have quiet time during the day so they can nap, and when you’re travelling with babies during the holidays, it might seem impossible to find quiet time. If you’re driving, there might be a movie or music playing the majority of the time, and while it might leave the adults bored, it’s crucial to incorporate some quiet time into your drive to allow for naps and quiet time. The same thing goes for travelling with babies and flying. Although you can’t control others around you, keeping quiet in your seat and turning off electronics and noise-making toys can help to relax the baby. Engine noises are pretty great at getting babies to sleep, and you’d be surprised what a reserved seat on a plane can do to relax them!

It’s important to remember that while you might be stressed too, it’s much easier for you to relax than it is for a confused and exhausted baby. Keeping these tips in mind, travelling with babies during the holidays should be much more comfortable! Where are you planning on travelling this holiday season?

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