Babies are super expensive – and baby formula and baby food is one expenses we can help you attempt to save money on.

Here are the Following Baby Food/ Formula Companies we follow closely to Help you find coupons each week

Similac: 1st off, join the Similac Club to get over $200.00 in free samples and coupons! Every mom should participate, as this is a great offer not to miss!

Nestle: Another Super Club to Join! Nestle, Start well, Club! You will get over $130.00 in free samples and coupons! Another Hot offer not to miss as a new parent or for any parent, that is!

Pedia Sure: If you have a toddler – or a fussy eater that needs extra nutrition – Here’s a great coupon for Pedia Sure!   Save $2.00 on your next purchase.

Digital Coupons for Canada


Baby Formula Coupons Canada | baby formula coupons canada


Make sure you watch every week for Checkout51 mobile app each week for sometimes additional savings  – You will find a whole baby section for savings each week! These offers change every week – It’s updated every Thursday ( beginning of rebates)


Checkout51 is a Rebate Mobile Application. They have been growing steadily for the last five years and seem to gain new brands constantly! This is a great way to save without printing coupons!  Purchase the deals that work for you and take a photo of your receipt – and once you reach a payout of $20 or more, you can get paid back via a rebate cheque.


Caddle: This week, there are No baby offers at all – but it’s very similar to Checkout51, and maybe in the future, they will have some baby offers! Join Caddle today 

Baby Formula Coupons Canada | baby formula coupons canada

Free Baby Samples for Canada!

If you’re new to this site, don’t forget to check out our Ultimate List of Free Baby Samples for Canada! 

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In The Past: Coupons in Canada for Baby formula & food

In the past, these companies have offered coupons – so maybe we will see them again – or perhaps you will find them on Checkout51 in the future!

Plum Organics: If you’re into the whole health craze and shop for baby organic food – here’s a spot not to miss: Plum Organics coupon! Usually, you can save $1.00 off when you buy two or more.

Gerber: From time to time, you will find Gerber coupons for baby food!

Baby Gourmet: In the past, Baby Gourmet has offered coupons – but now they seem to focus more on contests to win free products.

Heinz: Not Lately – but Heinz baby food has offered coupons in the past! So if this is your baby brand – check back from time to time to see if there are any new baby food coupons!

Baby Mum Mums – In the past, Baby Mum Mums have had baby food coupons for their cookies.

Milupa – in the past, Milupa has offered coupons for their baby cereal products.