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The Body Shop, a part of the L’Oreal group, was originally founded in England. This powerhouse cosmetic company has 2500 stores all over the world operating in 61 different countries. Founded in 1976, The Body Shop was originally opened by Anita Roddick after seeing the idea in a car body shop that was selling natural soaps and products.

Roddick would turn the company into a powerhouse for environmental issues as well as a financial whirlwind. The company was a huge success and that allowed Roddick to spread her opinions and causes to the far reaches of England and beyond. She championed many causes by using all natural products and being against animal testing. She also took a very public stand against self esteem issues with women…specifically the way that the media put unreasonable expectations of body size on women. This brought much needed attention to the problems of eating disorders across the globe.
Because of these things and through her other meritorious works, Roddick is considered to be a pioneer and inspiration to business women and ladies in particular.


They will gladly accept returns. You will need to pay for the shipping on the return, or you can visit your local Body Shop Store and save yourself the


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