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About Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences was founded in 1971.

If you’ve never tried Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner before: They smell divine! That’s what Herbal Essences is all about: The pleasant smell as you open the bottle. Now you’ll find many new colours of shampoo as well.

Herbal Essences is all about Hair – How it feels, smells and how it makes you think!

Herbal Essence Products 

  • Hello Hydration
  • Tousle Me Softly
  • Twisted
  • Touchably Smooth
  • Hydralicious
  • Color Me Happy
  • Long Term Relationship
  • None of Your Frizzness
  • Body Envy
  • Drama Clean
  • Set Me Up, Stylers

 Herbal Essences Retro Commercials – The Noise in the shower!

Every time I think of this shampoo & conditioner, this is the commercial I can’t help but remember!  I remember everyone wanting to buy this brand due to the smell of the shampoo! Those were the days!

This brand is still famous today and is one of the lower costing top brand names with tons of variety to choose from as far as an extensive line of different products for different hair conditions.