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Mothers Day Gift Guide Ideas.

Purchasing a gift for Mother day can sometimes be a challenge, especially when buying for your Mother in law.  Nowadays, our mothers can be young or old, and also sometimes includes Grandmothers on the list of giving, so it’s all over the board when it comes to gift-giving this year.

So I tried to find ideas that would be seen as a way of thinking of what they enjoy, and also I decided to choose gifts that can be used up, and not contain too much clutter, as we all age, we all want less stuff to consume our homes.

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For the Sentimental Mom

This Diamond Sterling Silver Pendant will be sure to touch your Mother’s Heart!

“Tree of Life” – How much more of meaning do you need for this idea. It’s elegant with not too much bling, and can bring so much sense to all the mom’s out there!

Priced at between $26.00 to $200 depending on the material of necklace  at Amazon Canada

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Thoughtful & Clever Gifts She will enjoy |

The Mother that is enjoying travelling the world!

This would be an excellent gift for those moms that do any amount of travelling.

Handy Passport and phone purse. Long Handle so she can wear it across her body. It comes in a few different colours and has lots of anti-theft features.

Price: $91.92

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or Choose another idea for a passport purse 

Instapot accessories

Instant Pot Accessories: for the Moms that love to Cook

With all the Rage about Insta pots – I’m sure your home has one by now. Great for those mom’s who love to cook, or perhaps for the Mother that loves her new Insta Pot you bought her for Christmas.

Priced Under  $50

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Camping Mom

For the mom Who loves to Camp

Another Great Idea for the outdoor Mother is a new camping chair.

I have personally bought 4 of these last year after falling in love with one at a friend’s house.

You always have a table, and it’s sturdy: Dries Quick if caught in Rain! Love it!

Priced at $74.99

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Also, I have seen at Whole Sale Sports and Canadian Tire.

For the mom that needs to relax

For the Mom that Loves to Relax in the Tub.

A Great Gift for almost any mom is Bath bombs! Especially for the mom that loves to spend time in the bathtub with a book! It’s also an excellent idea for the mom that has everything she needs and wants. Who doesn’t need both bombs? It’s a great gift idea that everyone tends to love if they are still able to get into the tub to enjoy.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Thoughtful & Clever Gifts She will enjoy |

For the Mom that Enjoys Birds.

This is a great gift Idea if your mom is in a seniors center and has a window near the bottom floor. Or for the mom that isn’t as mobile as she was once. A hummingbird feeder is a great gift that can go outside anyone’s window where they can watch for the birds all summer long.

There are tons of different Hummingbird feeders out there to choose from.

Priced at $36.44

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Thoughtful & Clever Gifts She will enjoy |

For the Mom that Loves Wine!

If your mom is a wine drinker, and if she doesn’t own a wine holder, you can pick up one on Amazon for less than $ 40.00. You can also find a wide variety of wine vanity ideas such as socks, phone covers and more, all depending on what kind of Wine gift you want to give.

Check out this Wine Holder


Golf Club Cover

For the Mom That Loves Playing Golf

If your mom loves playing golf – Consider getting her a creative Golf Club Cover! This particular one reminds me of the Gopher off of the movie “Caddy Shack.”

Check out Amazon for this gift Idea. 


Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Thoughtful & Clever Gifts She will enjoy |

For the Moms that Love Drinking Tea:

A Great Duel Gift for any Tea Drinker.  Not only will you get a variety of tea, but you will also have a beautiful display that can last for years and years.

And for a great price of $29.99 at Amazon


Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Thoughtful & Clever Gifts She will enjoy |

For the Moms that love Keurig Coffee

For the mom that loves coffee and owns a Keurig! This is a great sampler pack for them to try out a different variety every day!

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Thoughtful & Clever Gifts She will enjoy |

The Gift of Time!

If none of these Ideas help you: You can also always buy Fresh flowers at your local flower store, or perhaps purchase an entertainment idea such as Tickets to an upcoming show, Cineplex movie tickets, etc.  Gifts of Entertainment is also a great way to spend time with your mom! It’s a great way to gift-giving, as it creates memories, something nobody can take away.

Christmas Ideas for Mom?

Think about Giving one of these Advent Calendars as a Gift.