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LoneStar Sizzle

Get the Canadian Lonestar coupons when you sign up for the Sizzle.

You will get the following coupons and savings.

  • If you sign up, you will get $10* off your next visit to Tex-Mex. The coupon will come the day after you sign up. Make sure you opt-in to emails so you can get the coupon!
  • If you come to the restaurant, you can have as many chips and salsa as you want. Just show Lonestar that you are a member!
  • Receive coupons, offers, contests and more in your inbox!
  • FREE BIRTHDAY DESSERT Plus, you’ll get more discounts and deals throughout the year.
  • Sizzle members can get free wifi.

Lonestar coupons on social Media

Social Media Promo Codes for Lonestar Tex Mex

If you are on Facebook or Instagram and love to eat Texan Lonestar, you may want to keep a close eye on them on Facebook with their One Day only promo codes, as you will not find them on their main website link,


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    What benefits will people get if they sign up for the Lone Star Texas Grill loyalty program?

    • Take a $10 discount when you join The Sizzle at Lone Star Texas Grill! As members, you’ll get exclusive discounts and access to special offers tailored just for you.
    • Free Birthday Dessert
    • Free Wifi

    No, you do not earn points at Lone Star Texas Grill

    • At Lone Star Texas Grill, there are no points. But members can get exclusive coupons and offers throughout the year, including welcome bonuses, free birthday desserts, unlimited chips and salsa, milestone rewards, etc.

    Are you looking for great ways to save on your next meal at Lone Star Texas Grill? Check out these money-saving tips to help you get the most bang for your buck!

    • Customers can subscribe to Lone Star Texas Grill to become a member and get lonestar coupons when they buy products for the first time.
    • Customers can also follow Lone Star Texas Grill’s Facebook and  Instagram to get the latest information on Promo Code.