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The Axe Effect

Axe is a brand of products for men. Products include shower gel, body spray, deodorant, and hair care.

This brand was first introduced back in 1983 by Unilever.

Believe it or not, it was first introduced in France and was inspired by the brand Impulse also by Unilever.

The name AXE was not permitted to be used in some countries because of trademark issues. Therefore Unilever distributed this product under the name of Lynx.

This brand did not come to Canada until much later.

In January of 2012, the very first women inspired product was introduced in the United Kingdom but as yet to come to Canada.

Axe Scents

Most deodorants and fragrances also have a shower gel to accompany them. If you want to smell great all over, it is a great idea to use 3 of the Axe products combined.

 Axe Marketing Video Controversy 

I think that Axe could do much better in the marketing department. These videos are unrealistic and a little sexist. The thought of women throwing themselves at a man because of the cologne he is wearing is just plain offensive to many women out there. Not only the idea but the way the ads are marketed and shown. The scantily clad woman in unrealistic themes.

There have been several other PR controversies regarding AXE products and the way that this product is portrayed.

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