Brisk Contest 20 Day Giveaway ( Canada Only)

Brisk Contest 20 Day Giveaway ( Canada Only)



During the Week Days Brisk Canada is giving away cool Prizes on their facebook page!

Watch Brisk’s Facebook Page Monday through Friday and wait for them to announce the giveaway.

They only have 20 items to giveaway per day! So you need to hurry when you see it ! Enter to Win!

Enter Brisk Contest  ( Brisk Canada Facebook Page)

The Tab to Win on

Giveaway Ends September 6,2013



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Brisk History and About Products

Brisk is a tea and juice brand managed by the Pepsi (Lipton Partnership) a joint venture formed in 1991 between PepsiCo and Unilever companies.

Brisk is known for the slogan “That’s Brisk Baby – which was launched in 1996, and then revived again in 2010.

The main competition is Arizona Beverage company.

Soft Drinks available

  • Brisk® Lemon Iced Tea
  • Brisk® Tea-Lemonade Fusion
  • Brisk® Fruit Punch
  • Brisk® Lemonade


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