New COB Bread Savings!

If you are an avid Cob Bread fan, you will love this savings we found on a Facebook Ad; it’s a great way to try out a new free loaf of cob bread, and after all, who can resist Hot cross buns.  Bread savings are not always easy, as there is rarely a coupon out for bread currently except for Wonder Bread.  , 

Using this coupon in an actual bakery is extra delightful, as bakeries are my favourite place to purchase some of the bread I purchase on a routine basis.

Cob Bread Coupon

  • Get a FREE Loaf when you purchase a 6pk of Hot Cross Buns.

You can even use this coupon daily if you want to stock up on Hot Cross Buns for Easter.

The Free loaf has a few exclusions, such as No Pull apart bread, teatimes or twists.

Click here to Download.

The coupon is valid till March 21, 2021

Cob Bread Bakeries

There are several Cob Bread Bakeries found in most larger cities across Canada from their map,  

Good Luck; I hope there is a bakery near you so you can use this voucher.