A Well Dressed Man can say a lot!  Not Really – but hey, the Marketing companies would like to make us think we need to spend tons of money on clothing, but as a Minimalist in my wiser years, I concluded, we as a family own too many clothing pieces.

Creating a Man’s Outfit for his wardrobe should be based on his style and comfort. For example, my son loves the Tatoo flashy shirt ( t-shirts, hoodies, and dress shirts) with Jeans. His Job is casual dress since he gets dirty most days; he wears older or less loved clothing for his workweek.

But my husband – his style is all over the board. He loves a loud, fluorescent t-shirt I purchased for a Music Festival as a joke; he wears weird yoga pants around the house, loves his “old man” zipper sweaters, and wears a scarf during fall and winter.  He is not scared to wear a pink dress shirt, and all his Jeans are Relaxed Fit.

Creating a Men’s Outfit online is not too hard; once you know what Canadian stores to shop online, that will not hurt the pocketbook so badly. I’ll show you the places I shop online for the Men in my life.

My Hand-Picked Selection of the Best Online Shopping Sites

Discount Mens Clothing - Get Dressed Online | discount men's clothing

Marks Work Wear House:  They have tons of mostly casual clothing and specialize in Work Wear.  Most people think of Marks as a place to purchase Work Clothes, and they are primarily correct!  I usually buy any “Canadian Winter” clothing. I choose the Helly Hansen Brand. 

Helly is not cheap – actually, the brand is overall expensive, but it has an excellent track record of being sturdy, and the brand’s winter apparel will keep any Man warm. I purchase Long Johns and undershirts, layered clothing for Fall time.


The Other One Piece of Work Wear I suggest: Is the Carhart Bib Overalls 

The overalls provide comfort because you can purchase them to protect your pants; they also offer warmth because of the Material’s strength.  As well, you are not having Plummer Crack when bending down so much.

Men’s Jeans!

Mens Jeans

Warehouse One: Hands down is one of the stores you can always find a Discount. You won’t find any Brand Names, Just their Own Canadain Brand. But they make stylish Jeans. Find Slim, Regular, boot cut, Relaxed, in all different shades of Blue and Black.

The next Step up for Branded Jeans is Silver Jeans.   Check out Silver Jeans, and compare prices to Marks Workware house.  Silver Jeans used to be a top brand name, but now have allowed other stores to sell their brand, so they are now Not as expensive as Top Shelf Jeans.

High-End Jeans!

I call Top Shelf Jeans – Or the More Expensive Top Brands of Jeans – Try Hudson Bay! They have great Flash Sales from time to time. They carry some of the Brand Names Calvin Klein, Diesel, Guess, Mavi, and many more.

Men’s Casual Wear

Gap Clothing Store

The Old Navy and The Gap are great duos, and you can often find discounts such as promo codes and sales.  Both of these stores provide a large selection of Men’s Clothing to create an outfit from. If you want a few Brand Names Boathouse Clothing is another alternative – Oh, and don’t forget about H&M. 

Men’s Vintage Wear

Vintage Men Clothing

One of the best places to shop for Vintage Dress Shirts is Amazon.ca. They have a great selection of vintage dress shirts and even old graphic tee shirts. If you want something Authentic – a Great place is Etsy.



Either you’re a Hat Guy, or you are not! Fedora, Baseball caps, trucker hats, sun hats, cowboy hats, it’s all fun to make a new look and style.  If you like anything for a hat, I would suggest trying it online and not purchasing online unless you know exactly what you want in a hat, such as a baseball hat, because anything with a brim can make or break a look simply by choosing a hat that does not suit your face.

Smart Casual Men’s Wardrobe Basics

Mens Smart Casual

What is Smart Casual Wear? Well, Smart Casual is in between Business Wear and Casual. A good rule of thumb would be a Dark coloured pair of Jeans ( Black or Dark Blue), dress shoes, a button-up shirt, and a Blazer jacket. The outfit is to be Business Casual. Great company for any bbq, or work together. Today this look could get you by any day of the week! Go to work, and then go out for dinner with a new girl, and you won’t have to change. Depending on the wedding, you may get away with it there depending on the Dress Code.

RW& Co is a Great Place to find a lot of the dressier side of Casual

Larger Men can try Big & Tall   and get a wide variety of selection of dress wear and casual wear – Perfect if you need longer arms, or you a bit fluffier than standard sizing

Men’s Loungewear Guide

mens Loungewear

What is The term ‘loungewear’ mean anyhow? It’s a term called casual at-home dressing, which if you need to run and get something, you may not look like you are still in your PJ pants. This is how I best describe it. It’s comfy clothing with no purpose in mine; lounging around the house clothing is all it is. It provides maximum comfort for those Netflix binge-watching days and eating popcorn all day.

Things to Look for in Lounge Wear

The Fabric Material

If possible, go for natural materials like light linen, bamboo, and soft cotton.  Not only are they comfortable, but they will help regulate the temperature of your body, and these types of fabrics keep their shape after several washes.

The Loungewear Pieces

Jogging Pants / Sweatpants.

Sweatpants are the most common type of loungewear and can be worn all day, they can provide warmth for those Canadian winters we complain about, and you can top it off with a nice heavy sweatshirt.  If you want something more light – yoga pants from Lululemon or a thin pair of track pants will also work in a pinch as well and are both fabulous ways to be cool and flexible.


A simple hoodie can be graphical or just a plain colour of choice; they provide you warmth, and if you choose the hoodie zippered style, you give yourself the ability to layer as well. The hood will provide you with some extra warmth if you are out and about and get a little bit too much wind; it’s easy just to put on your hood.  Try and choose a hoodie with either a kangaroo pocket or deep pockets to help keep your hands warm, or keep your keys in it, vs putting them in your pants and having to tug at keeping your pants all day is also ideal.

A Simple T-shirt

Lounge wear tshirt

A simple t-shirt goes a long way in loungewear and makes a great layering ability for your loungewear look; look for the perfect length of a t-shirt so you can slightly tuck in your t-shirt into your lounge pants for additional comfort.

Pyjamas bottoms

Typically, pyjamas are associated with sleeping, but if you choose a plain colour and style, they can easily be mistaken for track pants. You won’t be embarrassed to run to the store for other munchies or feel obligated to change if someone knocks on your door.

Loungewear Stores!

You can find Loungewear for Men in practically all clothing stores! But a Place I forgot to mention is Zulily – It usually has a great selection of men’s clothing at reasonable prices,