Dr. Scholls Savings

Start Saving on Dr. Scholls Products by using Coupons. Enjoy the savings of their huge product line, including shoe inserts, foot powder, wart remover, and the list goes on. We are here to help save you money! Let’s get on with the Show!

Dr. Scholl’s Coupons

  • Save $3.00 When you spend $10.00 on Dr. Scholl Products.

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Pricing in Canada for Dr. Scholl Products

Swiffer Product Pricing

The Following are found at Walmart and are all at Regular Prices.

  • Walmart Canada – Insoles range from $15 to $16
  • Walmart Canada – Freeze Away $25.00
  • Walmart Canada – Dream walk $11.97

Available Foot Care Products

Pharmacists recommend this brand to be the number-one brand of foot care. There is something to be said for that.

There are many featured products to help with specific needs. Some of these products include;

Pampering those Feet: Find nail clippers and fails to get your feet in tip-top shape. Ex exfoliating creams to finish the job.

Pain Relief: If you suffer from foot pain, you can rest assured that Dr. Scholls is a product for you. From Arch pain relief to bunions, they have you covered.

There is even a Dr. Scholls for Her. Specifically formulated for women. After all, our feet are so much different than men’s. We need that little extra. The insoles are available for those days when you must wear heels but don’t want to suffer the pain associated with it.

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