Gold Bond Coupons – Save on Various Gold Bond Products (Printable)


Various Gold Bond Coupon for Canada.

  • Save $1.50 On ANY Gold Bond product: Medicated lotion, Medicated Powder, Anti-Itch cream or lotion, or any Gold Bond foot product
  • Save $1.50 On Gold Bond® Ultimate Healing Hand Cream 85mL
  • Save $5.00 On Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Cream 225mL
  • Save $3.00 On Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetics’ Dry Skin Relief Foot Cream 96g or Ultimate Derm Intense Foot Cream 96g
  • Save $3.00 On any GOLD BOND® ULTIMATE product (sized 127g, 160g, 368mL, 400mL or 411mL)

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Gold Bond Cream

This brand as been around for over 100 years and is trusted to provide effective skincare when you need it most.

Medicated Anti-itch Cream – If you have an itch that you can’t seem to scratch than this is the product for you. It is said to fix every itch you may have.

Also find Anti-Itch lotions depending on your preference.


Foot Cream

If you suffer from dry, cracked, or irritated feet be sure to try Gold Bond’s Healing Skin Therapy Foot Cream. This product is specially formulated to help dry, cracked or problem skin. It gets in deep to fix the problem where it starts.

Contains seven moisturizes that will start to work as soon as you apply it. You will notice a difference in the way your skin looks and feels.



Some people prefer to use the powder version of these skin care products. It stops moisture, controls odor, and soothes your skin.


Gold Bond Spray

This is a no-mess powder spray. If you want the same results but don’t want to deal with a cream or a powder than this is the perfect solution for you.

Use whenever you want to stay cool and dry. Hot days of Summer, after a workout, or even a shower. There are many times this Summer when this product would’ve come in handy.



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