Garage Clothing Contest: Win New Shorts

Garage Clothing Contest.

Enter to WIN Prize pack of 10 Pairs of Shorts to 5 Friends

5 Winners ! ( 2 shorts per winner)

Good Luck!


  • Daily Entry
  • Open to Canada and USA
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age 13+

Click Here to enter contest

Contest ends May 7 , 2018



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Garage Clothing Brand

This brand of clothing is marketed towards young girls. Find stylish apparel and accessories to complete young, hip looks. Denim is a popular item at Garage stores. Whether it be jeans, jackets, or cute bags, you are sure to see some denim popping up from time to time.

The first ever store was opened in 1975 in Montreal, Quebec. There are now over 152 locations across Canada. It is easy to see why they have grown so much in popularity over the years. They carry the latest styles and trends in today’s clothing and accessories. Find everything you need to complete that outfit all in one store. One stop shopping so to speak. Everything from jewelry and sunglasses to cute tanks and tees.

New Expansions

Garage stores can now be found in the United States as well. They have also recently expanded internationally to United Arab Emirates.

Affordable prices

If you are looking for trendy clothing at affordable prices than look no further than Garage Clothing.



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