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Kool-Aid Savings for Canada

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About Koolaid Liquid Water Enhancer:

This Kool-Aid Cherry Liquid Drink Mix makes a wonderful, refreshing beverage. Just pour, stir and enjoy this sweet and tangy drink. 


  • Koolaid Jammers
  • Koolaid Single Serves
  • Koolaid Liquid
  • Sugar-Free Koolaid Drink Mix

Let Them Be Kids Campaign 

Koolaid helps individuals in communities to get children moving and out and about.  Each Year they help out communities in various ways to help communities flourish.  Koolaid sees that communities need assistance to secure funds and build play structures for children who may not have the availability of safe, secure places to play. Get Involved today


Koolaid belongs to the Terra cycle to help your schools reduce waste and earn money back into the communities and individual pockets. Find out more 

Learn more about Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid is an American brand of flavoured drink mix created by Edwin Perkins in Hastings, Nebraska. Kraft Foods own this brand.

In 1931, the company moved its production to Chicago, and in 1953, it was sold to General Foods. This brand is considered as Nebraska’s official soft drink.

Their products are sold in powder form packaged in packets and small tubs.

Kool-Aid can be served with ice or refrigerated.

There are 6 original flavours; Grape, Cherry, Orange, Raspberry, Lemon-Lime, and Strawberry, and other flavours. The company offers a wide number of products.