Timothy K Cup Deal $0.41 per Pod

New Timothy Coffee Deal!

A deal is at Amazon.ca right now

You can get a box of Timothy K Cup pods ( 32) for just $12.99

This works out to $0.41 for each pod!

Shop Amazon.ca 

Walmart has the same item for Regular price of $16.97

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Timothy’s Rainforest Alliance: Certified Coffee!

If you were ever wondering what Certified Coffee was with the Rainforest Alliance: Here’s a quick youtube video on the explanation of how it all works! View it today and learn more about coffee and the rainforest!


History of Timothy’s Coffee!

It was founded back in 1975 as a retailer of premium coffee beans by a man named Timothy. It actually started out as a business school project which evolved into what it is today.

It was sold in 1986, and the newer owners expanded it into retail locations and created the wholesale division.

It’s now a roaster partner of Keurig and K Cups.


Timothy’s produces its coffee beans, does it’s own roasting and providing multiple types of coffee in Toronto Ontario

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  1. Thanks for the update – It was only on special yesterday – I am a prime member and my price is also $16.88 – It must of been just for yesterday – as its expired today:(

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