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Meow Mix Varieties

There is a wide range of Meow Mix products that your cat will absolutely adore.

Dry Cat Food

Original Choice contains essential nutrients and anti-oxidants. It tastes that include fish, salmon, turkey, and chicken. Your cat will be pleased with this product, I can assure you.

Indoor Formula: specially formulated for your indoor cat. Outdoor and indoor cats differ, and so do their food needs.

Hairball control: Get those hairballs under control BEFORE they start with this product.

Wet Cat Food

It comes in single packs and a variety of packs.

Singles: Some flavours you will find are Salmon and Red Snapper in Sauce, Real Chicken and Beef in Sauce, Real Tuna and Whole Shrimp in Sauce, Real Turkey and Giblets in Sauce, Whitefish and Tuna in Gravy, Salmon and Crabmeat in Gravy, and more.

Variety packs have the following flavours only;

Seafood and Poultry 24 pack, Seafood and Poultry 12 pack, Poultry and Seafood 12 pack, Beef and Poultry 3 pack, and Seafood Variety 3-pk


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