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Oh Henry Level Up Instant Win


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Oh, Henry Level Up Contest

Wonder if a chocolate bar will make you stronger in performance? Does protein from peanut butter make you run faster? That is in Video Game Performance. Each OH HENRY! The LEVEL UP bar will contain a code for an in-game boost reward for NBA® 2K21 inside the wrapper, allowing video game players to level up their skills in the top-rated and top-selling NBA game

The new OH HENRY! The LEVEL UP bar is now available at retailers across the country.

The Oh Henry! Level Up Chocolate Bar

There will be 3 million Level Up NBA2K21 Lockers available, each consists of an NBA 2K21 Video Game Boost.

Each Instant Win Prize is valued at $1.00 Cdn.


How to Receive

Purchase: Purchase a participating Hershey Product and login to the contest website to upload a picture of your receipt. You will then be provided a Locker to open with your code inside for a free game boos



  • Open to Canada residents only
  • Quebec friendly
  • Age of majority
  • One Entry per Pin

Click Here to Enter

This Oh Henrey Rebate ends August 31, 2021, or until 3 Million redemptions have been made. 


Oh Henry Chocolate Bars

If you have not tried one of these delicious treats, you are so missing out.

This candy bar was created by Williamson Candy Company of Chicago and came to Canada in 1924. It was an instant hit with old and young alike, and it’s popularity grew and grew.

If you like peanuts and caramel, then this is the product for you. The combination of the two is like nothing else. Topped with a sweet layer of chocolate, and you have a mouth-watering experience.

Home Made Recipe

You can also make your own Oh Henry bars at home!!

I found this recipe at BakingFood.com, and I cannot wait to try it.

There are only five ingredients and seven easy steps to create this dish. I bet the kids will love this.

Calories In These Candy Bars

Suppose you are curious about the number of calories you will find in an Oh Henry bar; you can find the information at CalorieCount.about.com. It reads that there are 320 calories per bar.

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Oh Henry Level Up Instant Win


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