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Rougemont apple juice; is one of the leading Canadian apple juice brands that doing a lot of marketing online last few years.

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Walmart Canada (Ontario) 

Walmart sells this brand in 2L for $3.00 at a regular price! Hopefully, your local store sells this flavour!

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Rougemont apple juice 6 pack

Rougemont – Apple Juice Specialist

The Rougemont brand was founded in 1959  in Rougemont, Quebec. It was first produced on the same mountain as its name. This original juice is still made with care and authenticity to please palates today!
A variety of apples are utilized in making delicious apple juice:

McIntosh for sweet flavours or Gala if you prefer something smoother – there’s an option just right for every taste preference out there, so give us a try at your next party;

We guarantee everyone will love what they’re drinking thanks to this great old-fashioned producer that knows their stuff about producing quality apple juice

Did You know this about Apple Juice?

  1. Once you have opened up any apple juice, you need to consume it within ten days, Plus always remember to refrigerate after opening )