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Shoppers Voice Survey – Free Coupons Canada

Many people ask me time and time again how People get so many coupons.

How am I able to stuff my binder full of high-value coupons?

Well, one of the many answers is by doing the Shopper’s Voice survey. 

Before 2013 Shoppers Voice would send you a mailed survey to fill out and send out mailed coupons. But since times have advanced, you can only get Shoppers Voice online, and No mail method is available now.

Since then, I have discovered that the Shopper’s Voice survey is available online.  This method is so much easier. Although this is a very long survey and will take a bit of time to fill out, it is worth your effort.  I do this Survey every single time they launch a new one. I believe it is about three times a year, and I am always thrilled when my envelope of samples and coupon arrives.

I think this used to be worth the time to fill out. But as years went by since 2013 – when they sent coupons, and free samples, Now in 2021, I’m not so sure it’s got much value anymore.

You can access the current  Shopper’s Voice survey HERE

Grab a hot cup of coffee and take some time to fill in this Survey. You will be happy you did.

 Not Everyone gets selected for mailing samples and coupons! – Many people do the Survey and only get emailed coupons once a month.  It does vary in cities – the larger a center you live in – the better your chances!

What Exactly is Shopper’s Voice?

Shopper’s Voice is a marketing research company from Toronto, Ontario, established in 1985.

Only One Survey is published per year.  You also get a chance to enter their contest to win $1500  in a monthly draw.  But there is some skepticism in their game, with good reason.

shopper’s voice

Shopper’s Voice is a national leader in consumer research. The panel offers one survey a year from The Consumer Product Survey. The ultimate goal is to collect data and resale it to brand companies and grocery retailers with information on what items to keep on the shelves and any purchasing changes.

Overall its fun to feel like your opinions matter to someone,

Take One Survey a Year –

You can take the Survey ONCE per year. It only takes approximately 20 minutes of your time to complete, depending on how fast you are on the answers and reading.

After you complete the survey, you will receive a Shoppers Voice Membership email letting you know you are now set up as a new member. You can now qualify for the odd coupon and maybe even a free sample; depending on your survey responses, you may get a free cat treat or baby formula sample.

You also will get invitations from Shoppers voice sister research panels to do more surveys with other rewards.

Get Coupons

In addition to filling out the survey, you may get time to time get mailed coupons depending on your survey response, or you will receive the odd print coupon delivered to your inbox ( email)

Earn a Chance to Win!

Get a Chance to Win a $1500 cash prize the month you complete the survey.


Is Shopper’s Voice Surveys a Scam?

Shopper’s Voice does not ask you for money. But if you think their contests are legit,  they have had several complaints in the past. But with the online world being so large, I’m sure they now have the proper management to manage their giveaways and contests.

Are there Shopper’s Voice Complaints? Unfortunately, the comments you do find are not promising. Among the complaints, people are saying…

  • Spam
  • Shoppers Voice sells your information to 3rd parties.

What do you think of Shoppers Voice?