Every month, the home improvement retailer offers customers a chance to win gift cards by participating in their customer survey (www home depot com Survey ). Here’s how you can participate and complete the  Home Depot customer survey at   wwwhome depot.com/survey

Visit and shop at the home depot store.

The Next time you visit your local Home Depot store, ensure you keep your sales receipt. You will need it to complete the customer satisfaction survey for wwwhome depot.com/survey

You would need to consider your service, whether it was poor or excellent service on your visit, including store employee behaviour, if you had issues at the Home Depot service desk or in the sparkling lot.

Now is the time for any compliments you have as well; a Customer satisfaction survey isn’t just about complaining. It’s about allowing your favourite clerk to help you in the garden center and has a great attitude.

Shop at home depot to start survey

Steps to complete the www home depot com Survey

Start by visiting the Home Depot Canada Customer Survey website. Before beginning, ensure you have your most recent Home Depot purchase receipt. You will need it to enter the survey.

On the main page, select your language (English or French) and click “Next.” You will then be asked basic questions about yourself, such as age, gender, and postal code. Once you have answered these questions, click “Next” again.

You will be prompted to enter the survey code from your receipt. This should be located near the bottom of your ticket; if not, look for a four-digit number elsewhere. When you have entered it correctly (make sure you double-check!), click “Submit” so that you may proceed to the survey itself.

The survey consists of 10 questions about your experience at Home Depot Canada and its products/services. Answer each question honestly and thoroughly – how do they measure up in terms of quality? Price? Customer service? Your feedback will help them better serve their customers in future! When all ten questions are completed, click “Next” once more to move on.

www home depot com Survey 

How to Enter Consumer Customer satisfaction Sweepstakes

When you take the home depot survey, you are automatically entered into the sweepstakes program to win the grand prize they offer each Quarter.

Congratulations – You have now completed the survey! Good luck!

HomeDepot.com/Survey Sweepstakes Prizes

Home Depot Survey Contest has always given away Gift cards as a prize. Expect to be able to win a minimum of $3000.00 every Quarter.

Survey requirements

Requirements of the Survey

Above, I think we have detailed to you how to enter all the details on completing the online survey (www home depot com Survey )

and you may be wondering what the survey rules are.

But if you want to fill out the survey because you didn’t make a purchase but want to customer experience if you were frustrated with your experience, you can do it the old-fashioned way by sending it by mail:

Without taking the Survey via the Alternate Method of Entry (“AMOE” ):, No purchase is necessary. To enter the Sweepstakes without completing the Survey, you may enter by mail as follows: On a 3″ x 5″ card, legibly handprint or type your first name, last name, telephone number (including area code) and email address (optional) and mail your 3″ x 5″ card in a business size envelope to ASC/Home Depot 2022 Q4 Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes Canada PO Box 433 Macedon, NY 14502-0433

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