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Task Rabbit first started in the USA back in 2011, Ikea bought them out in 2017 and in 2018 and 2019 began in Canada.  If you haven’t discovered Task Rabbit yet, It’s a platform for local help. It seems to be popular in Canada for personal work such as deliveries, car washing, and hiring out to put together Ikea furniture!  Maybe you need someone to help you move or do a bit of handyman work; it’s ideal for when you want to hire a hand such as helping to haul a freezer to the basement, mounting a tv screen to the wall,  some cities have taskers for helping you organize a room or closet, or even for businesses services such as research and administration.

Task Rabbit is found in most major cities, including Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver in British Columbia, Edmonton, Calgary in Alberta, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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How to Book a Tasker from TaskRabbit

If you have a big date and need to hire a helper, feel free to hire a Tasker up to two weeks in advance, and sometimes you can even find taskers that are willing to help the same or next day.  Choose a task or search for a task, and you will see available taskers in your city, where you can check out their profile and reviews and figure out who would be a good match for you.

A credit card is needed.

To book a “tasker,” you will need a credit card.

TaskRabbit Hiring Tips

You can see how much the Tasker is hiring for on an hourly rate, and there is a 15% service fee added to the hourly rate.

Once you have booked your tasker and accepted the task, you can begin chatting and booking your tasker with a Mobile app or a desktop.

From time to time, Task Rabbit will release new promo codes to urge you back to try another task via social media and newsletters.

You can not use TaskRabbit for Shopping. There is no way to pay separately to the tasker for products. So keep this in mind. If you end up needing grocery shopping done or anything else, you will have to pay for those things directly through the store’s ordering process; it can not be done via Task Rabbit.

IKEA furniture 

We have all bought Ikea furniture at some point, and some of it can be very confusing to build, with so many small pieces to put together. But with Task Rabbit, since Ikea has bought out Task Rabbit in 2017 and has brought Task Rabbit to Canada, You can now hire people to put your items together.

Work for Task Rabbit as a Side Hussle

Since Task Rabbit is still growing in Canada, I took a look at their Reddit form, where Taskers tend to talk, and it doesn’t seem to be bad. One guy in Toronto made an average of $19 USA per hour, including tips.

To get started on Task Rabbit, some people to start their self-employment will lower their rates below most competitors, then increase the rates slowly as they build a client list and continue to raise their rates until they begin to lose income.

You will be required to do a background check.

How to be awarded a Job

You will be awarded a task when a task client requests help for skill categories on the website and if you have that skill listed. Your map area includes the task address; as long as your account is active and is open to invitations, you will appear in the client’s search results, then it is up to the customer on who they feel they want to hire.

I know it is in the USA in Washington, but it is close to our Canadian border; a guy gets hired out at $150 USA per hour to help move people.

You need to decide the value of your time, body, and mind, and if you are into manual labour, you are in luck since manual labour is in high demand these days.

Consider your Drive!

If you choose Deliveries as a Task, you can do it; in Calgary, Alberta, a lady driving a car was $25.00 on average per hour / Task, but if you drove a truck for larger delivery, the rates went up to $35.00 per hour.


If you are available the same day or on short notice, you can probably earn more as well, as some people end up needing more desperate help and can’t pre-plan their lives too far in advance, you will show up in more searches, and your profile will get more views, more views equal more jobs.