Finding Good Deals on Shoes Online

Finding the Best Deals on Shoes online is very much a Real Challenge!

Prices will vary as well from Top Brand Name and of No Real Brand Name type shoes!

Are you searching for Extra Wide Shoes?

Perhaps you need a pair of shoes to match a cute outfit, and maybe comfort isn’t all that important to you, as you don’t think you will wear the shoes often.

But We will do our best to help you find the Best Deals Shoes online!

Where to Buy Cheap Good  Shoes

Discounted Shoes - Orange shoes

If you are looking for cheap Top Brand Shoes and would like to try them on for comfort and size of a brand – Winners Clothing Store is a great place to start, as they have great clearance prices all the time, not to mention their shoe stock rotates very fast, so you will always find new brands of shoes come on sale.

Athletic Running Shoes:  Great places to look for Discounted Athletic Brands of Shoes are places like SportsChek  – they always seem to select a top brand name athletic brand such as Adidas, Nike, Reebox, etc. on sale each week, and be able to Save up to 40% off Regular prices.  Sport Chek also has an online shopping portal that offers coupon codes for various items, so it’s always worth checking if you want Athletic Footwear, a top brand name.

Work Shoes: Marks Work Warehouse is another place to look when hunting for a New pair of Cat Boots, or perhaps you want a good brand of Hiking boots for camping.

Wide Calf Boots: Penningtons is a great place to find the full calf. But Reitman’s will be taking over their Plus-sized Line. I’m hoping they will also be carrying the Wide Calf Boot. Reitmans in most cities across Canada and also have an online store.

Extra Wide Foot Shoes: Since the Men in my family have extra wide feet, a few brands that have worked well for us is: Rockport, Red Wing, New Balance, and Skechers; I am sure there are more brands, but those are the ones we generally have purchased in the past with success.  New Balance & Skechers at SportChek or Footlocker stores. Rockport and Red Wing are a bit more tricky to find in stores, but I have seen Red Wing Stores, and some of the mom-and-pop footwear stores carry both Red Wing and Rockport.

The Cute Shoes: Gals are always on the hunt for the next pair of cute shoes, and sometimes don’t require a top brand name shoe brand to match an outfit, and I would check out Online Deals stores that have Flash Sales, as you can always find cute shoes at these types of deal stores.

Cheap Flip Flops: We all end up needing a pair of cheap flip-flops, whether it’s for public showers, the pool, or for running out into the hot tub, and we don’t need comfort for those types of flip-flops – Old Navy usually has a dollar Flip flop sale each summer, and you can always check out your local Dollar Store

Another Great place to find Discounted Shoes is Amazon Canada – You can find most top brand names and cheaply made-in-China type shoes.  The one thing that’s great about Amazon is the return policy and shipping policies Amazon Canada has.

Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes

It is always fun to find the perfect pairs of shoes for your feet; as we age, we end up needing more foot support somewhere on our feet or ankles, whether it’s sole inserts or perhaps a more full arch, etc.

Tips on How to Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes INSTORE!

  1. Shop in the afternoon, when your feet are naturally more swollen, and make sure you are wearing the patterned socks or stockings you will be wearing with the hunt for the perfect pair.
  2.  Ask a Salesperson to measure both of your feet, as one foot may be wider many times, and always purchase a size that fits the larger foot.
  3. You want about 1/2 inch of wiggle room between your toes and the end of the shoe, so you have some wiggle room for your foot as you press forward on walking.
  4. Walk around the store with both shoes on to ensure you enjoy how they feel. Since sizes vary between brands, it’s always best to base your purchase on comfort vs sizing because No shoes should require to be “broken in.”

Tips on How to Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes ONLINE!

lady purcchasing shoes online

Shopping online for shoes can be a bit more tricky than shopping in-store, but it’s a time saver once you get brave enough to start purchasing. Here are my tips on buying shoes online to be delivered to your door.

1. Know your size. 

To find your size per brand, here’s a quick little tip. You will need the following three items:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Two sheets of paper.

Trace out each foot on each piece of paper. Then Measure in cm or inches the width and length of your foot.  Find the Online Sizing Chart of where you shop and compare your measurements to the sizing chart to find the right sizing.

Another Way to Size properly is to physically Go to the store, try on different shoes from the brand, and right down the size of your favourite brands, and then shop online via that brand.

2. Read the Descriptions

Not all shiny leather-looking shoes are actual leather, they could be shiny plastic or Pleather, but if you read the description, you will better understand what type of quality shoe you are purchasing.

3. Read the Heel Height

If purchasing High Heels, read the description of how high the heels are. If you are not a pro at high heels, select a heel with only an inch or two.  You do not want to be learning to walk in 4 ” inch heels.

4. Read the Return Policy 

If you are purchasing a pair of shoes online, and you are not sure of the brand or how they fit, you will want to make sure if, for some unknown reason, you don’t like the shoes that, you can return them to get your money back.

So If you don’t have a backup person, you can “give your shoes away. ” I am lucky, my daughter is 1/2 size smaller than me, so if by chance I purchased wrong, I always had her as backup.

5. Read Reviews

Use Online Search Engines such as Duck Duck Go to do random searches to find reviews. Sometimes you will find comments such as ” Order a 1/2 size larger”, or other tidbits, stretched out fast, etc. or complaints about shoes falling apart, but this is all knowledge power to help you make a purchase.

The Best Sales and Deals Happening Today


You can find both Top Brand Name Shoes and random No Name type brands of shoes. It’s a great variety, but only for those with some patience, as shipping times and delays can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

Pros: Top Brands Include Time to Time: Merrell, AeroSoft, Anne Klein, Brooks, Roxy, and other brands time to time

Cons: No Returns and Shipping Time.

Amazon has a Great Pro for handling returns; if you want to see the Daily Flash Deal, the two Short Cuts are here.

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