Abreva is a medication that is used to treat cold sores. It comes in a cream form and is applied directly to the sore. It works by killing the virus that causes cold sores and helps to reduce the healing time. Abreva can be purchased over the counter and is relatively affordable.

It is important to keep in mind that Abreva will not cure cold sores, but it can help to shorten the healing time and make them less painful.

If you are experiencing a cold sore outbreak, be sure to try Abreva!

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Abreva Prices in Canada

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Walmart Canada

Abreva cream 2g is Regular $18.95

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Abreva Cream 2g is Regular $18.95 and has been spotted on sale for as low as $15.98 

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About Abreva Cream

If you want a breakdown of ingredients and any other scientific information visit Abreva.ca 

To Conceal or No?

You should probably skip trying to conceal it up if you have an open cold sore because it can get infected. It’s best to wait for a cold sore from becoming healed and scabbed over before trying to cover it up.