Always Sensitive Pads

Always Feminine Products just released a new product to their lineup called Always Sensitive Pads, and there’s never a better way to release a new product but by offering a Coupon! There is usually only one Always Coupon out per year, and we haven’t seen one since 2019. So Make sure if you want to try this new product, that you print the coupon soon.

Always Coupon

  • Save $3.00 off the purchase of the specific Always pads.

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Always Feminine Product Prices in Canada

pricing sale

Walmart Canada (Ontario) 

Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads for Women Multi Sale 2 for $16.00 or $8.98 each

Always Sensitive Pads – Level 2 Heavy Flow 26 count $8.98 

Real Canadian Superstore ( Western)

Always Infinity Pads for Women $7.98 each


About Always Brand

In the world of feminine hygiene, Always brand products are a step above most of their competition. Backed and produced by Proctor & Gamble, they have been providing top-quality hygiene products since 1983. In the United States, the Brand is always known, but the Brand stretches across the globe under various other names, including Whisper, Orkid, Evax, and Ausonia. This global branding has Always made the Brand synonymous with quality and dependability.

10 Unusual uses for Always Pads & Panty Liners

Feminine hygiene is the one area in life that you don’t want to take any chances. Fortunately, the Always brand provides high-quality products at a reasonable price. When it comes to buying quality, you don’t have to spend a fortune with the Always line of products. From pantyliners to pads and feminine wipes, Always can keep you confident throughout the day.

The Brand Always also works hard at taking care of women at every stage in their young lives. From the first stages of puberty through the late stages of life, brand products are always there to make things easier.