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Babybel Cheese

This brand of cheese is sold worldwide. It was first introduced back in 1952.

The mini Babybel cheese was not introduced until 1977. Kids and adults alike seem to love this product. Great for packing in lunches or for a quick afternoon snack.

Ensure your kids are getting the required amount of calcium easily. They will love peeling those little cheese products and love eating them even more. That red wax shell is what makes them so fun and special.

When I see the Babybel name, I often think of the little jingle…Oh Babybel, oh Babybel…are you singing along with me?

Contains 98% Milk

If it’s calcium you are looking for, then Babybel has it in spades. It contains 98% milk.

Available Flavours

Babybel Cheddar – Brings back old-style cheese in a new and fun package.

Gouda – Nutty and smooth. The perfect addition to all your favourite foods.

Babybel 2Go – Two mini’s wrapped in one package. Kids will love these. Add them to their lunch box for a fun snack. Portable so you can take them to the park, mall, just about anywhere. Just drop a package in your purse, baby bag, etc., and you are good to go.

Original – The original cheese flavour that you have grown to know and love.