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Prices of Coppertone:

The Walmart Canada Regular price of most Coppertone products is $9.97 but can be found on sale for anywhere from $8.99 to $7.99 most times of the summer.  The Best month to stock up on sunscreen is July.

About & History

This brand has been providing Canadians with sunscreen for more than 65 years.  We’ve all grown up with this band being around. It is owned by Schering Plough and was the first company to launch the SPF index in the USA/Canada and has developed a line for almost everyone, including babies, sportspeople,  continuous spray and more.

Coppertone Products:

  •  Lotion SPF 15 – a sunscreen lotion with built-in moisturizer. All-purpose
  •  Continuous Spray SPF 60 – 30 – 15 – a sunscreen that you spray on ( clear) and will protect you from the sun for 80 minutes of water activity.
  •  Sport – Waterproof a Whole sunscreen line includes several products, including just for your face or continuous spray. It comes in SPF 60-30-15
  •  Kids – Lotion-Mousse- Spray – All in SPF 60
  •  Babies – Lotion – Mousse – Spray. It comes in SPF 50 and 60
  •  Oil-Free – Lotion-Spray -Mousse – Comes in SPF 60 – 50-30
  • Low SPF – Comes in 4-6-8-10 SPF for those wanting to work on their tan without burning.

History of Coppertone’s Girls from the beginning of time till now!

Enjoy this YouTube video that shows you a piece of history during their time as a brand how marketing women have changed over the years.