Robax has several products available to help you with back pain relief. There are several pain relief tablets in different strengths and some with anti-inflammatory, plus they also have a heat wrap available. You can purchase Robax at stores, including Costco, Walmart, shoppers drug mart, and many other places sold pain relievers. The best way to save money on Robax pain relief is by using Robax Coupons as additional savings.

Robax Coupons

Robax Coupons for Canada

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Prices on Robax Products in Canada

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Walmart Canada:

  • Robax Heat Wraps | Pack of 3, Lower Back & Hip $10.47
  • Robax Thermacare Neck & Shoulder Heat Wraps | 4 Wraps $9.12
  • Robax Tablets 18 count : $11.47

Real Canadian Superstore

  • Back Heat Wraps 3pk  $11.48ea
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    About Robax Platinum

    Robax Platinum is a product that helps with muscle spams such as back pain and tense muscles found in the neck. It has two medications, ibuprofen to help with inflammation and Methocabamol to help with the pain.