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MasterCard Giveaway!

Since Master Card is one of the preferred prepaid gift cards, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see many different bloggers and social media contests have the MasterCard gift card as a giveaway.

We will list the newest Mastercard contests below.

Mastercard Contest for Canada 2023

“Prepaid Gift Card Giveaway”

Enter to win $1,000 in MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards. 

Contest Prize:

  • the winner will receive two (2), $500 gift cards which can be spent anywhere that MasterCard is accepted for payment in either the United States or Canada.

How to Enter

Simply fill out the very easy online entry form at the link below. You can return daily to enter again.

**This contest is brought to you by The Beat.

Good Luck!

Contest Rules:

  • Open to Worldwide
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of majority
  • Daily Entry

Click Here to Enter

This Mastercard Contest ends on April 02, 2023

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Mastercard Canada

Mastercard was originally called Interbank before becoming Master Card in 1979. The network began as an inter-industry collaboration between several banks in California that wanted to create a secure, reliable, and convenient way for customers to purchase items. This system allowed customers to use their credit cards anywhere that accepted them, regardless of which bank issued the card. As such, this new payment method quickly gained traction and spread across North America, eventually reaching Canada in 1967.

Mastercard acquired Europay International, which allowed them to expand its operations into Europe and Asia. This acquisition was instrumental in allowing Canadian businesses to accept international payments from customers worldwide. This feature further popularized the brand among Canadian consumers and businesses looking for an easy way to process international payments without incurring hefty fees or dealing with complex systems like wire transfers.

Mastercard launched its contactless payment system in Canada – one of the first countries outside of Europe to have this technology available. This made it even easier for Canadians to pay for goods and services without carrying cash or waiting in line at ATMs or banks.

More than half of all purchases made using Mastercard were made with contactless technology – a testament to its convenience and security features that have earned it widespread adoption by consumers across Canada.