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Jul 9, 2020

Cora’s Restaurant Promotion

  • Enjoy a free specialty coffee with the purchase of any purchase over a $9.00 meal

Available on Cora’s Restaurant Smart Phone App

Enjoy the savings today with downloading their smartphone application

iTunes :

Offer Ends March 31, 2019



 Cora’s – Making Breakfast Differently

If you are familiar with Cora’s, you already know what I mean by “differently.” Not your average boring, run-of-the-mill breakfast that you can get anywhere. I’m talking about good old fashioned, hit-the-spot hearty meals that will please even the hungriest AND pickiest of eaters.

Breakfast Menu

Find a variety of fresh fruit, omelettes, eggs, crepes, waffles, and french toast

Lunch Menu

Delicious dishes like Cora’s Club Sandwich, Vegetable Skillet, Salmon Skillet, Mediterranean Beef, Ciabatta, Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese, and more.

Beverages include Smoothie, Speciality Coffee, Orange Juice, Fruit Cocktail, etc.

Kids Menu – Fun And Displayed Beautifully. 

Just looking at some of these dishes make me want to take a picture. Literally. Some of these look almost too good to eat. It’s almost as if by touching the plate, you will ruin the masterpiece somehow.

The French toast looks fantastic, and the Waffles With Fruit is mouthwatering.

Kiwi The Special Frog At Coras

Hey kids! If you like the food at Cora’s, you are going to love Kiwi. Kiwi is a cute frog that the kids love to meet when they visit a nearby restaurant. Although he is not there every day, he does make an appearance from time to time. The next time you are at your local Cora’s, you just might get to meet Kiwi and say hello.




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