Sign up for Dairy Queen Blizzard Membership and Enjoy Free Blizzard to purchase and other great ice cream offers all year long. It will, for sure, keep up with your sweet tooth! Including a free ice cream cone coupon on your birthday

Blizzard Fan Club

Join the Blizzard Fan Club to be kept up to date on all the latest Blizzard treats others when it comes to vanilla soft serve ice cream, free food opportunities and the ability to get dairy queen ice cream and don’t forget you will get a free small vanilla ice cream cone on your birthday.

The Blizzard Fan Club is Canada Friendly, and you can use the offers at most participating dairy queen locations.

Expect to receive Coupons every other month in your mailbox for Buy 1 Get 1 Free soft-serve ice cream blizzard treats.

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Dairy Queen App

Make Sure you download the Dairy Queen App because every Monday, they upload new offers, and many times it’s a day of the week to get free ice cream with a food offer! So if you are frugal and want to save money on the DQ food menu and have a love of soft ice cream, this may be an app worth putting on your mobile phone in 2021

ice cream cone

FREE Cone Day

Watch for Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day ( as they compete with Ben & Jerry’s Free Ice Cream Cone Day). Previously, it has been held in March ( springtime), and you received free small soft serve vanilla on the first day of springtime.

How do you get free Dairy Queen ice cream?

In 2021, I would personally just got the Dairy Queen mobile app and watched for the Monday specials to get a free cone with purchase, and you will also get a free ice cream cone on your birthday week. Plus, be reminded of their Free Cone Day.

Are Dairy Queen Blizzard 99 cents?

Not all the time, again if you get the mobile, you will be alerted each Monday and find the best dairy Queen Blizzard deals to get the promo of usually Buy 1 Get 1 for $0.99 or sometimes it’s a free cone.