Ford trucks are the best in my opinion. But I know we all have our differences when it comes to brand names of vehicles and what we like!

But one thing is for sure, we all would like to win a NEW Vehicle!

Here is the latest contest to win a new vehicle or prize below.

“Built For Adventure Contest”

Win $30,000 towards a new eligible Ford vehicle


  • There is one prize available to be won in Canada consisting of a fixed amount of $30,000 CAD to be applied towards a purchase or lease of a new in-stock or ordered 2020-2021 Ford vehicle (excluding Raptor) from a Ford of Canada dealership, as selected by the Winner

How to Enter:

Watch the videos and fill out the entry form for this Ford contest.

Good Luck!

Contest Rules:

  • Single entry
  • Open to Canada
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of majority

Enter to Win Here

This Ford contest ends June 10, 2021

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About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company of Canada was founded back in 1904 to sell automobiles to the British Empire and, of course, in Canada. It was initially known back then as Wagon Works in Walkerville, Ontario ( now is Windsor Ontario).

The Founder was Mr. Gordon McGregor, who helped found a group of investors to start producing.

The Ford Motor Company of Canada was not a subsidiary or a branch plant of Ford Motor Company – instead, it was a separate organization altogether.

Model C was the first car to be produced in Canada in the autumn of 1904.  The first year it only produced 110 vehicles.

Car Sales grew after World War Twp. The new Canadian assembly was opened in Oakville, Ontario, and then in 1967 opened up another plant in Talbotville, Ontario.

In the 1970s, Ford was the largest company in Canada.