Ford Canada Contest ~ Win a 1969 Ford GRT-100 Truck!

Ford Contest for Canada.

2018-2019 Goodguys 1969 Ford GRT-100 Giveaway.

Win a 1969 Ford GRT-100 Truck!

Utilizing a custom chassis from Scott’s Hotrods & Custom, paired with a set of JRI hydraulic over coil shocks and springs, the ’69 Ford GRT-100 now has the aggressive look and stance it deserved.   Under the hood for ultimate performance, the team turned towards Roush Performance to develop a 5.0L SR Coyote engine.  Add to that the other amazing components of this truck—a 6-speed TREMEC transmission, a Centerforce clutch, BF Goodrich tires, 18” US Mags and so much more.

A simple entry form for this Ford contest.


  • Single entry
  • Open to Canadian and USA
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority
  • Valid Driver’s License is required

**This contest is brought to you by Goodguys.

The winner shall be responsible to accept the contest prize “AS IS” and to drive and/or transport the prize from the 22nd Goodguys PPG Nationals (on or about July 14, 2019) in Columbus, Ohio.

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This Ford contest ends June 4, 2019

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About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company of Canada, was founded back in 1904 for the sole purpose of selling automobiles to the British Empire and of course in Canada. It was originally known back then as Wagon Works in Walkerville Ontario ( now is Windsor Ontario).

The Founder was a Mr. Gordon McGregor, who helped found a group of investors to start producing.

The Ford Motor Company of Canada was not a subsidiary or a branch plant of Ford Motor Company – rather, it was a separate organization altogether

Model C was the first car to be produced in Canada, in the autumn of 1904.  The first year it only produced 110 cars.

Car Sales grew after World War Twp. The new Canadian assembly was opened in Oakville, Ontario and then in 1967 opened up another plant in Talbotville Ontario.

In the 1970’s Ford was the largest company in Canada,


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  1. why oh why don’t you date these postings? It would make it so much easier to keep track of which single entry contests I have entered

  2. I’ve always loved mustangs but never owned one. Would love to own this one and drive it in the summer

  3. I have never owned a new car, but I really would love to win that beautiful car,, Thanks for the dream,, I hope it comes true,,,,

    I have never owned a new car,, To win such a beautiful car would be the best dream , please let my dream come true.

  4. I can remember when I was a 12yr old young lady. My grandparents took me out to Saskatchewan for the summer. On one of our many stops was to a dear friend of my grandpa’s. He had talked about this man still had the original family car witch was an old model T & yes it still ran..not very fast but it did still drive good! I really appreciate you posting the bit of history on your company. Most people don’t know this, but I recall my grandpa talking about this bit of history! Wish I could share your post to my social media! Thank you & have a fabulous day 🙂

  5. I would love to win that Mustang Convertible.I have been a Ford man all my Life.I bought lots of new Fords,but a Convertible is on my bucket list. “FORD” is number in my eyes.????????

  6. Would love to win this Red Ford Mustang Convertible. In my eyes Ford is Number One.I had lots of new Fords ,but never a Convertible.????????

  7. Would love to win. Love the color also. Ive never seen anything about anybody winning something like this posted on FB and Ive entered almost every contest that’s been on here.

  8. Would love to win. Love the color also. Ive never seen anything posted on FB about anybody winning something like this and Ive entered every contest that’s been on here.

  9. Would like to win, but you won’t let me enter!! Worst ever contest I ever tried to enter! Sucks


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