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Join in a Twitter party?

A Twitter Party is simply a way to host a live conversation using Twitter which is a social media. Its focus is using the Hashtag (#)  feature to connect fellow twitter followers to participate in a live conversation on Twitter. And of course, you can read everything on everyone you follow.

Everything You Need to Know

It’s all about the party! 
Simply by RSVPing, and chatting on Twitter – You can then join Twitter Parties and participate for prizes. In the process of participating in a twitter party, you will learn more about the brand. Plus, you may even find some cool acquaintances to also follow on Twitter.

Why do People host these parties on twitter?

For sponsors or (hosts) it is a great way to grow their readership and get their current followers engaged in a real-time conversation.  Brands big and small have had twitter parties in the present or the past.

Why Do Twitter Parties Exist

Before Twitter existed – a real-time party couldn’t exist on a social media platform, but with the wonderful word of the new ways technology advanced – The hashtag(#) based conversations allows everyone to participate and get to know the “Brands” or website owners in a more intimate manner.

Twitter Party Hashtag Importance

The main thing is to follow them and search for the hashtags (#) that are provided in a twitter party! Also, make sure you use this hashtag in all your reply tweets in the party.

What a Twitter party looks like

A Host will ask a question related to a topic

Question Example:

What do you love most about Christmas? #Partytaghashtag 

Answer Example

I love all the lights#Partytaghashtag 

Throughout the party, the host and or Sponsor will announce winners.   And will tag the Winner and also the Party hashtag

Keeping up with the Conversation

The conversation during a Twitter Party can move super fast and at times can feel like it’s impossible to keep up. It can be helpful to use a hashtag stream, such as tweet chat or other ones such as  These sites help you follow the hashtag and can allow you to “pause ” the conversation flow.

Anyone can participate in any Twitter Party… they are completely free and open to the public.

Getting Started With Twitter

  1. First, you will Need a Twitter Account  Sign up for a free Twitter account. Do NOT make your account protected (or private). Leave it accessible so others can see your tweets.

2. Feel your way around Twitter a bit:   Follow a few people.  You can follow us at @canadianfree Send a few tweets, see how your timeline updates with new posts once you start to follow friends and other companies.

3. Find a Party.  This is actually the hard part! Especially for us Canadians.   Try searching Twitter itself.

Search “Twitter Party”

I have asked Party hosts of USA ones, and sometimes Canadians can play and win, and sometimes you can play and Not win, so when in doubt, just ask the hosts if it’s not clear on the rules

Note: You may have to RSVP – This information will be provided by the host of the party

4. Follow the Party Hosts. If you find a party to attend and click on the party link, you will see a list of the host(s) for that particular party, It’s a good idea to follow them beforehand so that you can learn about any updates to that party.

5. Follow the Party Hashtag. The hashtag is the key to the Twitter party. Think of it as a keyword phrase). It distinguishes itself from other words,


Relax, Be Patient and Have Fun!

It might take attending a party or two to really get the hang of Twitter parties.

The more people that attend, the more hectic it will be.

  • Don’t worry about trying to keep up!
  • Focus on the Questions!
  • Answer the Question!
  • Chat Back to other commenters only if you can find time during the contest. ,


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