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WIN a $4000 Attic Insulation Top Up from Owens Corning Canada

“Fall ATTICAT® Attic Insulation Top Up Contest”

Enter now for your chance to WIN an Attic Insulation Top Up worth up to $4000!


Grand Prize:

One Grand Prize worth up to $4,000.00, including taxes.

The one (1) Grand Prize Winner will have a Sponsor appointed licensed contractor to top-up insulation in their attic up to a maximum of $4,000 CDN in costs* associated with using Owens Corning® AttiCat® Expanding Blown-in Insulation System. (Eligible *costs include: Cost of materials, AttiCat® machine rental and, if applicable, contractor fees and taxes).

The Grand Prize Winner’s attic must be a good candidate** for use of Owens Corning® AttiCat® Expanding Blown-in Insulation System as determined by the Sponsor’s appointed licensed contractor. (**Attics that would NOT be a good candidate include but are not limited to attics with signs of a leaky roof such as wet or damp insulation, any sign of a moisture problem such as mold or rotted attic rafters or floor joists, difficult or limited attic access and/or limited space to work, kitchen, bathroom or clothes dryer vents that exhaust moist air directly into the attic space instead of outdoors, little or no attic ventilation or knob and tube wiring. The insulation top-up of the winner’s attic must take place by December 31, 2023.

Bonus Prizes:

There are two bonus prizes available to be won.

The first bonus prize consists of one (1) Apple® AirPods 3rd Generation, (approximate retail value of $260.00).

The second bonus prize is one (1) Ember Smart Mug – Stainless Steel 10oz (approximate retail value of $220.00).

How to Enter:

Fill out the easy online entry form with your information.

You may enter only one time. Get bonus entries for referrals.

Good Luck!

Contest Rules:

  • Open to Canadian residents only
  • Excludes Quebec
  • Age of majority
  • Single entry with bonus opportunities for sharing

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This Owens Corning Canada Contest Ends on November 23, 2023

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