Keeping track of all of your contests will allow you to get more contest entries in all the contests.

If you are familiar with some of the contests out there, even if they are different social media platforms,

How does organizing your sweepstakes entries help?

When you organize your sweepstakes entries, you can easily see which contests you already entered and which ones are still available to be won.  Doesn’t it seem frustrating when you forget to enter a contest deadline and then discover that the contest is over?  The worst part? You missed your chance to win by forgetting to enter the contest!  If your lists are organized, you make it easier to see which contests you entered and which ones are still available.

Organizing your sweepstakes entries is also a great way to track which contests are the best! You can see which contests have the most available entry spots left.

We’ll show you how the Contest Gurus do it. 

How to Organize Your Contests |

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The Secret is a Bookmarking However; the truth is Bookmarking system for online contests.

Example of platforms Blog Contests

  • Rafflecopter
  • Gleam
  • Woobox

Platforms that will tell you how many days are left, generally these contests last up to 60 days, so there’s lots of time to get lots of entries in.

Using your browser, make new file folders:

How to Create file folders in Windows 10

How to Create Folders in your Favorites on Chrome 

How to Organize Your Contests |

Create Folders

Large Folder: My Contests and then Subfolders

    • To Enter Single Entries
    • Daily Contests
    • Weekly Contests
    • Monthly
    • Creative

Create Folders for everyone in your home that Qualifies to enter the same contest:

If you married/common-law/significant other and he/she has his email:   Create a New folder system for them. Reading Rules of Contests Can help.

Kids – Sometimes, ages are only 13+ to enter or can enter with parent acknowledgment, and some contests are just for Kids.



How to Organize Your Contests |


Tips on Bookmarking Contests

  • Bookmark Actual Entry page ( Will save you time)


Do You want to always enter a single entry contest on the day you find it?

Perhaps you feel lucky after the contest is live for a few days, as you don’t want to be in the first 100 entries out of, let’s say, 10,000 entries.

You may want to create a new folder and label – To Enter Single entry contests.

How to Organize Your Contests |

How to Bookmark Contests on Social Media?

Some would say, why would you want to? But during the Christmas season, there are many 12 days of Christmas sweepstakes to enter, and you may wish to enter daily on social media.

Each social media platform has a way to save a post or video. You may have to research how to bookmark or keep a post inside the platform if you don’t use a laptop or desktop to enter contests.

How to begin Entering Contests

  1. Set up a Time of day to do your contesting.
  2. Do Daily Contests – Daily, if possible.
  3. Pick a day of the week to do weeks on top of weekly contests – For example, Sunday’s
  4. Pick a day of the month to do “monthly” Maybe make a rule 1st of the month or say the last Sunday of the month.

I hope this tutorial on Bookmarking your contests helps to keep you organized with contests.

Advanced Contesters Users May need more Organizing!