How to Organize Your Contests

How to Organize Your Contest Entries

Organizing contests can be a chore! Once you get the #contestbug you need to keep the Momentive going!

Keeping track of all of your contests will allow you to get more contest entries in all the contests.

We’ll show you how the Contest Guru’s do it 

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The Secret is  a Bookmarking System

Create a whole Bookmarking system 

Using your browser simply make new file folders:

How to Create file folders in Window 10

How to Create Folders in your Favorites on Chrome 

Rename Each Folder

Large Folder: My Contests and then Subfolders

  • Entered Once Already Entered
  • Enter Once Need to Do
  • Daily Contests
  • Weekly Contests
  • Monthly
  • Creative

Create Folders for everyone in your home that Qualifies to enter the same contest:

If your married/common law/significant other and he/she has his own email:   Create a New folder system for them. Reading Rules of Contests Can help

Kids – Sometimes ages are only 13+ to enter or can enter with parent acknowledgment and there are some contests are just for Kids.

Tips on Bookmarking Contests

  • Bookmark Actual Entry page ( Will save you time)


Single Entry Contests Dilemmas

  • Enter Once only contests are the hardest to track in the bookmarking system.  
  • Nowadays most Contests won’t allow you to enter twice if you have already entered in a single entry contest – Generally speaking, this should then stop you from over entering and being disqualified these days.
  • Do You want to always enter a single entry contest on the day you find it?
  •  Another Idea is to create subfolders for months in your “Enter Once” folder.  Contests ending in January, February, March, etc. Then, keeping track, that way. So example Only enters contests that are the month ahead or month off.

How to begin Entering:

  1. Set up a Time of day to do your contesting.
  2. Do Daily Contests – Daily if possible.
  3. Pick a day of the week to do weeks on top of daily contests – Example  Sunday’s
  4. Pick a day of the month to do “monthly” Maybe make a rule 1st of the month or say the last sunday of the month.
  5. As I mentioned, it’s the One Entry per person is hard to keep track of – so design what works for you. –

I hope this tutorial on Bookmarking your contests helps to keep you organized with contests.

Advanced Contesters Users May need more Organizing!

Further Bookmarking!

You can also do subfolders or use Your Online Calendar to bookmark upcoming parties you want to attend on Twitter or Instagram.

  • Twitter Parties
  • Contesting Sites
  • Blog Contests – some contests have daily, etc and weekly entries all in one Platform. 
  • Tweets Daily


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