Reading Contest Rules

Yes, many sites, including ours, attempt to give somewhat breakdown down, but we can’t possibly give you all the rules, and occasionally we can make a mistake.

But here’s what to consider when reading the rules –  Maximize your entries.

Reading the rules can increase the chances of winning – If the rules allow it – enter your husband if the rules allow it – introduce your children!

If the rules allow it – enter the contest daily!

Always read the rules yourself!

Things to watch for!

Does it Say ” One entry per person”  – You can enter for yourself, enter your husband.

But it may say ” One entry per household This means only you or your spouse may enter.

You might find ” One Entry Per IP address,” which means one entry per person residing in the house – but your spouse may enter from a different place, such as work.

If you find ”  One Entry per person per day, it’s a Daily Contest!  You can enter every day. Just be careful, as some software will only allow you to enter every 24 hours. So you may have to set up times and rotate for this sweepstakes.

Additional Entries

Some contests will give you extra entries for referrals – such as sharing the contest on Social Media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email addresses.   Some contests in rules will state a Maximum number.   (Most common is 10).


Travel Trips/Events Entries

Pay attention to the dates of Travel. For some Trip contests you may have to leave shortly after the contest ends.

Example contest ends June 30th, and you would need to Leave July 15th.

It’s best not to enter these contests if you have no holiday time left or don’t have your passport ready to go.  It’s hard enough to enter these contests, and then it would be to reject the prize!

I had a friend win a trip to Germany to go to a concert a few years back, and the contest ended, and she was chosen the winner but would need to leave in 5 days; she didn’t have her passport ready nor could she take time off work.  So it’s food for thought! Make sure you can go somewhere last minute.

  • Look at the Contest End Date
  • Time of Travel

Pay Attention to “Ages”

Ages some contests are 13+  – so if you have a teenager or an adult child residing at home, you can get them to enter as well.

Age of Majority – Legal age in the province  – When you are no longer considered a MINOR. – Some provinces, it’s 18 and in others, it’s 19.

  • Alberta  – 18 years of age
  • British Columbia -19 years of age
  • Manitoba -18 years of age
  • New Brunswick -18 years of age
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 19 years of age
  • Northwest Territories -19 years of age
  • Nova Scotia – 19 years of age
  • Nunavut -19 years of age
  • Ontario -18 years of age
  • Prince Edward Island -18 years of age
  • Quebec -18 years of age
  • Saskatchewan -18 years of age
  • Yukon -19 years of age

What to do when contests are vague on entry rules?

I consider it a “Single Entry Contest ” per person.  You can ask the contest host to clarify if they will answer you. It is best to enter the contest once cleared up because many hosts will disqualify you for repeat entries.

It does not happen often, but I think I run into a contest about once per month that doesn’t “Specify” the Limit of entries.

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